Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Waking up my SLEEPING BEAUTY...

On Sunday, we had a few more hours with sun...

Still really cold but bright sun!
So it was time to wake up my sleeping beauty...
We live in an area where you cannot drive vintage cars all the year...

Too much snow and those old mamas don't like salt in roads...
So after a few months sleeping in our garage, we went out for a short drive with my '54 Chevy.
Even if it is in good condition, it's always hard to start the engine after so much time!
Yes, there is still snow in north side fields...
A few words about what I wore...
I chose a comfy outfit to drive for this cold weather. 40's style jeans from Freddies of Pinewood, saddle shoes from Rockets Original.

For my husband, even for a casual outfit, it's hard to give up tie!
Here is a close up view of his vintage 50's tie.
My leather gloves are not vintage...
Vintage look with fur inside from Ebay.

This vintage purse was found in a local flea market, I added a bow to match my turban.

I created this turban with a simple 50's souvenir scarf from Norway.

Easy to make and comfy for a bad hair day!
The Varsity sweater that I'm wearing is from the 50's, heavy and warm, one of my first Ebay purchase more than 10 years ago!
Sylvain's sweater is also from the 50's.

This 4 colors "V" looks nice. 

This drive was for sure a preview of the upcoming spring!

Do you drive all the year with your vintage cars?
What are your tips for bad hair days?



  1. What a fabulous car and you two look equally fabulous!!


  2. Oh my goodness, how I adore your outfit! From the high school letter sweeter to the navy blue saddle shoes (love!), to your cute key chain and lovely headscarf. Welcome back spring and the return of vintage car rides!

    ♥ Jessica

  3. So glad to see you got to take your baby out for a spin! I am very fortunate in California to be able to drive my '65 Thunderbird year round. Love seeing other ladies with vintage cars ;-)

  4. I bet you feel spring coming right around the corner being able to take out your fabulous car! How long have you had your car for? I'd love to hear a blog post on how you got your car and how many miles does it have on it? It must be difficult if it needs a repair. Such a beauty!

  5. I love that you are sporting patriotic colors! You guys look great!!! xox

  6. Your car is a real beauty! Funny that my husband also cannot resist wearing a tie, even with a casual outfit! :)

  7. that car is absolutely beautiful! I'm not much of a car gal but when I see a vintage gem like this my knees go weak!! I love your cute matching turban and bow on the bag too! xx

  8. I cannot wait to drive my vintage car! Please take me for a ride in yours, she's a beauty - as you are yourself! :) Give your cutiepie of a husband a hug from Denmark. I wish my hubby would dress like him, but he is not so much into vintage as I am.

  9. I love the way you tied the scarf on your head! Would you mind showing how you did it? :)

    The weather looks lovely over there, we just had a blizzard this afternoon, hrrr.

  10. You look amazing! Your car is so pretty and a lovely colour :)

  11. I got a pair of those Freddie's jeans for Christmas! I love them!
    Beautiful motor too!

  12. Wow! I just found your blog! You look amazing! What great style you both have. Very inspiring!
    xoxo, CoriLynn