Monday, October 14, 2013

Vintage escapade in BRUSSELS...

We were quite absent from this blog last week...

But we have a good excuse!!!

We were on vacation in Venice (Italy)!

That was an AMAZING trip...
We have a lot of pictures to share but I need time to select the best ones for you!

So to make you wait, here is a few pictures from a day we spent in Brussels in September...
As weather was supposed to be really nice, we decided to spend a day of shopping in the belgian capital just the day before...
We had a lot of sun but a coat is now needed... that was the first day of fall....
I bought this 40's coat many years ago in a vintage shop in Paris.
That's really a basic, large shoulders...
nice embroideries...
and the back is really breathless!
I wore a 40's velvet topper.
I like to wear red with black...
This vintage cotton dress is  from the 50's.
Black and red with really small pink flowers, LOVELY!

 My cute doggy from ERSTWILDER fits perfectly my outfit! 

Another lovely 40's tie for Sylvain!

We were a bit dissapointed with Brussels' flea market, it used to be really better.... but we spent a nice day!

And we still found some nice things: records, a toaster cover, 40's-50's dresses, an vintage amazing coat, a 50's hat, some vintage jewels....

We took those pictures in the park of  "cinquantaire", where there is a nice vintage car museum called AUTOWORLD, you must visit it if you go to Brussels!
Have you ever been in Brussels?
Do you often go to impromptu escapades?


  1. Ha, I thought it´s a bag, I´ve never seen a toaster cover before! But that´s a great thing to hide a modern toaster :-)

  2. Love to go to Brussels. Like to stay in the art deco style hotel Le berger !

  3. I live in Brussels, and it seems the weather was lovely!
    Hint: vintage markets happen on the first Sunday of the month, shame you missed it for a couple of weeks.

  4. How amazing your new white princess coat looks! I can't wait to see more pictures. I think this coat in itself makes your day a success. You also look very lovely in your black 40's coat and the red hat accent is perfect for this coat.

  5. You two really, no world of a lie, must be the two most stylish travelers in the world. I was so incredibly inspired by you on our recent travels (and thought of you as I was packing - keeping all of your awesome recent tips there in mind) and strove to look even just a wee fraction as good as both of you while we were exploring Calgary, Alberta.

    Those finds would knock my socks off if they happened over here, but if you're used to far more selection, I can understand why they might not feel like a ton. I really like everything you picked up - that pink and green floral dress in particular has me swooning! :

    ♥ Jessica

  6. Gorgeous outfits you two - and in such a beautiful place. Hope you had a fabulous time!

  7. As always, you look amazing! I always admire your eye for accessorizing. (The box purse! I want to see it closer! *swoon*) The tailoring on the back of the coat is divine, incredibly flattering. Looking forward to seeing more pictures of your trip!

    xo Sara

  8. What a stylish, vintage couple! Vous etes très jolie et sympa. Un salut d'Italie, ciao!

  9. you shouldn't be disappointed .... it looks like you found some fantastic things at the flea market. i can't wait to see the white coat and those dresses worn.
    your 40s coat is such a great piece! wow. i don't like to see 40s clothes so much on myself, because of the wide shoulders - but i love to see it on others. your coat fits you like a glove!!!

    once in a while i still remember your comment on my blog, telling me that you met vintage sellers, who are destroying vintage clothes. i heard that before years ago.most of these antique sellers arr just interested in furniture and jewelery. they don't even think about clothes ... this is totally shocking for me. a year ago i started to buy things that even don't fit me, just to save them from getting lost or getting to 'bad home'. bad home means: people that turn a delicate 40s dress into a halloween costume, shorten it ... or some thing like that.
    i should start a vintage rescue ... ;)

  10. I can't wait to see your pictures of Venice! But these gorgeous pics will hold me over til your next post!
    ~xoxo, CoriLynn