Tuesday, January 14, 2014


There are some days when you are not in the mood for dressing up...

You just want to be comfy,

for going to grocery store for example.

I think it's always easier for guy to dress up...

for a man, pants are pants!

Sylvain don't have to choose between different style of skirts or dresses :-)

But he hardly leaves his ties, even for a casual outfit!

It's not the same for me...

I often think that I'm taking too much time to prepare an outfit...

I have quite a special husband because sometimes,
 he takes more time than I to choose an outfit!!!

I have a lot of lovely fancy dresses
but sometimes don't feel like wearing them...

So I'm trying lately to buy some vintage basics (pants, skirts, sweaters) that I can wear with different accessories.

I bought these pants in Mamie Blue in Paris.

They are made with vintage fabric from a '47 pattern.

I always have problems to find pants that fit my curves, waist are always too big for my hips size...

These ones were custom sized for me and fit for once perfectly!

But a casual look with basics must not mean to have a sad outfit...

Choose bright accessories like this pink/purple vintage umbrella!

A cute ERSTWILDER poodle brooch that I really love!!!!

And a new vintage beaded purse that can cheer up any outfit.

Can you imagine how I feel when I find this pink flecked 50's jacket for just $30???

My silk turban scarf is a souvenir from our Venitian trip!

Our shooting begun under the rain...

and finished under the sun!

Winter is really strange this year here.

How long do you need to be ready for going outside?
(For me between 45 min up to 2 hours...)
What are your favorite basics in your wardrobe?


  1. Pants are hard for me to find and wear because I am so short- only 4'10"! But they can be so much easier than dresses sometimes. You look just perfect as always!!
    I adore your poodle brooch!! Of course ;)
    ~xoxo, CoriLynn…poodlesandpincurls!

  2. So very true! Chaps don't have to worry about how to successfully dress causually usually nearly as much as us ladies do. Like yourself, I have a devil of a time finding pants (vintage or modern) that even remotely fit. I'm thinking that the custom made route may be my best bet, too, as I just seem to fail miserably with premade ones (excluding my denim from Freddies), no matter what brand I purchase from. You look fantastic - love the colour accessories splashed through this beautiful pants ensemble.

    ♥ Jessica

  3. Ah ! moi aussi je prends en otage la salle de bains chaque matin. Quand je suis à la bourre, je m'en sors miraculeusement en 20 min chrono, mais quand j'ai tout mon temps pour me préparer, c'est bien 1h. Ce qui fait invariablement râler mon mari ! Quant au choix des tenues, en semaine j'essaye de les préparer à l'avance, le soir, pour ne pas perdre trop de temps le matin...mais certaines sont plus difficiles que d'autres à accessoiriser, et du coup je les ai en tête des jours durant !
    Vous êtes superbes, comme toujours...et ce rose flashy, repris par les détails de la veste, du sac, du foulard...j'adore !
    biz ;-)

  4. loove the two brooches! I have the same problems with pants and sadly never found an authentic one, that fits... I need 45 min to get ready for work or party including hair, jewels, hat - honey needs 15 min, but he has just to grab a clean t-shirt :)

  5. You look fantastic in those 1940s trousers. The outfit you have chosen makes you look fun, young and vibrant.....and no less glamorous than in a dress. It's reallt the attention to detail that make or break an outfit. Your hair, broach, bag etc give a beautiful vintage twist to basic clothing. And j'adore the jacket. What a find. And Sylvian looks fabulous, too!

  6. You look so fantastic *-*

    Normaly I need 30 min to get ready for work.

    My fav basics are a black circle skirt and a black pencil skirt - black skirt and differet non-whites knitwear - perfect!

  7. Well, I say that it only takes me 45 minutes to get ready (for work or going out on the town)...but my husband disagrees. However, what he won't admit is that regardless of how long it takes, I'm always the one who is ready first and waiting for him.

    You look fabulous in those pants!!

  8. Hi,

    Your outfit looks great and I am a fan of wearing swing trousers especially in the winter months. I know exactly what you mean about the trouser waist being way too big for you as I have exactly the same problem and have to take in my trousers quite a lot at the waist for them to fit me perfectly. My waist is 10 inches smaller than my hips and clothes just don't seem to cater for this difference. Great if you are buying a circle skirt then I just go by my waist size but anything fitted needs to be brought for my hip size and then altered. Good job I can sew a little.

  9. you look adorable in pants.
    i don't think, pants are more comfy ... when i want to feel comfortable i end up wearing a 80s mini stretch skirt with a huge sweater ...
    pants don't like me and never fit me that well. so i stick to my skirts and dresses.

  10. I have the same problem with finding pants to fit in both the hips and waist. So, I'm hoping to sew from a vintage pattern this year, hopefully before next winter, lol. I love your outfits no mTter how long it takes you to get ready. As a mother with three small children, I'm trying to plan out my wardrobe to make it both more versatile and of items that will be easier to mix and match. I love dresses, too, so I'm having to force myself to go for more separates. It doesn't take me too long to actually get dressed as I try to plan out my outfits ahead of time. The longest part for me is waiting for my pin curl set to dry, lol. I'm resolving to plan things out more this year in an effort to save even more time getting ready.
    My husband, well believe it or not can take longer getting ready than me, but mostly because he's very particular about his hair.
    I absolutely love your brooch and umbrella collections. They're a delight to see.