Sunday, November 30, 2014

MY initials SWEATER!!!!

I found this summer a special to me varsity sweater!!!

But why so special???

Because it have my initials: Laurence B...!!!

So I had to buy it, of course!

Varsity sweaters are always fun but are often in small sizes...

but this one was my destiny... perfect size, pristine condition!

But mustard yellow and brown are really not colors that I'm used to wear...

First opportunity to go out with those NOS 40's french shoes still with tag!!!!

Matching 40's leather purse...

I wanted to re-create the style of a student in the 40's...

even if I left University long time ago!

I have a lot of pairs of vintage shoes but don't wear them a lot...

sometimes too fragile, some other times not so comfy

but they look better than repros for sure! 

After a really warm fall, winter cold arrived this week-end.

Yes, my winter coats have not gone out yet...

Sylvain's jacket is a find from our last trip in Seattle!

Plaid wool, a classic for this season.

A Pendleton's flair but with a Ricky jacket cut!

It's becoming harder and harder to take outside pictures...

at 4PM, the dark is already coming.

The light is quite white and don't give true colors on pictures....

Sylvain's jacket is really a deep forest green... here it's kind of blueish.

But even if it's colder and darker,

now that Xmas is just around the corner...

I really feel better!

We are planning a lot of fun things to do in December!

Do you have some Varsity sweaters?
Have you already planned something special for December?

Lorsque je suis tombée sur ce pull universitaire cet été, je me suis tout de suite dit qu'il m'était destiné! Vous allez me dire... mais pourquoi? Tout simplement car l'écusson donne mes initiales! Ce genre de pulls sont toujours sympas, mais souvent durs à trouver dans une taille raisonnable et en bon état... Première opportunité de sortir de belles chaussures 40's neuves d'époque et créer un style étudiante 40's (même si mes années universitaires sont bien loin derrières...). Le froid arrive enfin après un automne plutôt clément... l'occasion de re-sortir nos petites laines! Maintenant que Noël approche à grand pas, ce temps me pèse moins... pleins de projets motivants pour Décembre et le moral revient!
- J-25 -


  1. That sweater is such an amazing find!! I also love a skirt with a good fleck fabric :)

  2. Destiny indeed! Such a find to have your initials on it, and the whole outfit is put together perfectly as always. I bought some deadstock 50s initials years ago for my name - your post has reminded me to get them out and sew them on something!
    I also wanted to do some pictures for a blog post today, but the sun here is also gone by about 4pm - I don't like it!

  3. That jumper is so perfect on you, the pair of you look adorable! Love those autumnal colours on you also ♥
    Jenny xx

  4. Comme d'hab super-tenues pour vous deux! Pour vous Laurence, j'aime la façon dont vous savez varier les styles, quelques fois très féminin,tantôt plus androgyne ("Marlène Dietrich"), aujourd'hui plus adolescent... et votre mari a toujours la classe! C'est vraiment très sympa à suivre!

  5. That has to be the cutes outfit ever...and that applies to both of you. Perfect for a casual and fun filled afternoon :)

  6. Your sweater is so lovely! How awesome you found it with your initials!
    I would love to own a proper varsity sweater, but I've yet to find one.

  7. Wow! How special! And those NOS shoes are a delight! Also Sylvain's jacket is marvelous!


  8. Nice sweater!
    Also I wish my husband would dress up like yours.

    May I say that I love your blog since quiet a while now? It's always fun to watch your pictures! Keep up the good work!

  9. What an amazing find that jumper is - it must have been meant for you!

  10. That is such a sensational sweater! Though they may be hues that you don't sport often, I think that this autumnal palette of mustard and brown looks breathtakingly pretty on you, dear gal.

    ♥ Jessica

  11. You two match so well together! I'd certainly say you belong on a college campus:) How awesome that you have a sweater with your initials! Those shoes are just amazing and I can't believe they were never worn. It is so rare to find unworn shoes. I also have many pairs of vintage shoes but I am afraid to wear them for a lot of walking so I try to wear them when I won't do much walking. I've already been to the shoe repair a few times trying to fix up old shoes to give them a longer life. Winter is also a difficult time to wear vintage shoes.

  12. What a find! It really is your sweater! Your initials, your size, and perfect condition. I think it is such a charming look you have created. I'm not that good at mustard either, it is quite a difficult colour, but you have done a great job. :)

  13. I love the sweater! I think it looks splendid on you, and the mustard yellow goes with your hair very nicely. Now if I could just find a sweater with "FS" on it....

  14. I would not be able to resist a sweater with my initials on it either!!

    You both look perfect! I love your blog and your style!


  15. wonderful sweater .... it looks so gorgeous on you - especially with this colour!!

  16. Dear Laurence and Sylvain,
    Another winter season has begun and I can't wait to see what you'll post. I love you sweater Laurence, what a great score!! It' looks incredible on you. I do not have an initial sweater of my own, but now I think I may need to add one to my vintage collection. Sylvain the wool jacket looks perfect on you. XOXO LisaO