Monday, February 23, 2015

We are BACK!!!!!

I'm so sorry for my lack of posts last month....

thanks for those who wrote to us

 to know if we were still alive!

Yes, we are!!!

But winter is really not a good season for pictures,

we have had a lot of rain and snow...

so when we had time for a small photo shoot,

the weather or the light was not with us!

And I must tell you that I was also a bit ill.

But if you want to stay in touch a bit more with us,


So a few words about what we wore on that day...

A vintage princess coat found in Brussels flea market

and a 50's wool/jersey dress,

I really fell in love with its color, so BRIGHT!

For the accessories: black and red.

Gorgeous tartan shoes in sale here on MISS L FIRE.

This cute owl is from ERSTWILDER.

A few bakelite bangles...

A 50's box purse...

An easy snood, a large flower and some sexy stockings

 and here is an outfit that makes me smile

 on those cold winter days!

Sylvain found his inspiration with a new tie!

A really seasonnal touch!!!

Those skiers are so funny...

and he found the perfect matching pants and jacket,

with touches of red and blue!

While going back home we crossed paths of a circus...

so here are 2 bonus pictures!!!

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Did you miss us?

Déjà un mois depuis mes derniers mots sur ce blog... que le temps passe vite! Pas facile de prendre de bonnes photos en hiver, les conditions climatiques n'ont pas été avec nous ces dernières semaines: pluie, neige, froid... Bref, merci à ceux qui se sont inquiétés pour nous, tout va bien, il nous faut juste encore quelques semaines pour sortir de notre hibernation!
Donc voici quelques photos avec des tenues aux couleurs pour sortir de la tristesse de l'hiver pour vous prouvez que nous sommes bien toujours vivants!!!
Si vous souhaitez rester un peu plus en contact avec nous, n'hésitez pas à nous suivre sur INSTAGRAM
- Bizzz -


  1. Glad to see you back online!

  2. A Princess coat! You are SO lucky. I love the colour of your dress. And your sunglasses. And your shoes. If you ever get tired of your wardrobe, do contact me, dear. :) Sylvain looks charming as always, I really like the casual look of the plaid jacket (49'er?). Glad to have you back. :)

  3. Ah, it's good to see you back! I was wondering where you'd both been.

  4. le manteau blanc, la robe bleue, les accessoires rouges, simplement merveilleux, tous les deux

  5. Yes, I missed you guys! Thanks Instagram I knew you are still alive! :)

    Oh, and I really adore both of your outfits! The turquoise dress with the beautiful accessoires and Silvains ensemble of colors are just stellar. hopefull the weather and light will get better the next weeks ...

  6. This teal color is so lovely on you! I really like the red, black, and white accents, they really set it off nicely.

  7. I completely understand about the difficulty of shooting in winter! We faced the same problem when living in Portland!

    Both of your outfits look marvelous! I especially love your scarf detail, and Sylvain's jacket and tie are great!

    And of course I'm following you on Instagram! I did miss your inspiring outfits too! But I knew you were alive! Since we have interacted a bit on other social media platforms!


  8. Goodness do I hear you!!! Between poor health and lousy weather, I've done almost no shoots this winter, skating by, so to speak, on a handful of shoots taken during our early autumn two week trip to Vancouver Island. Thank goodness for those or I might not have anything but my Christmas Day outfit to post all winter long!

    You guys look brilliantly stylish as always! I love teal/turquoise. It's a cheerful, elegant hue that I wear often myself, too, very much including with red as you've done here. That has got to be one of the best colour pairings of all time!

    ♥ Jessica

    *PS* That owl brooch is sensational!

  9. Dear Laurence and Sylvain,
    Yes, I've missed you both, but luckily I follow you on IG. Also to appease myself, I've gone back and re-read your earlier post. So, sorry to hear about your winter but seeing you again is worth the wait. Hopefully soon the temperature will go up and you'll soon be out doors more often.
    Absolutely love your outfits. The princess coat and jacket are such a score. As always, you both accessorize so wonderfully. Glad to see you both again. XOXO LisaO

  10. So nice to see your blog post. You both are always dressed so smartly:) Love your accessories and of course, your princess coat. Those sunglasses look so perfect with your look. I've bought a couple of cats eye sunglasses off the internet recently but they don't seem to quite suit my face. Yours look perfect on you:)

  11. Good to hear you're back to blogging!! I am following you on Instagram, I love the little outfit teaser shots you post on there!
    I love your dress, and the coat is just darling!!

    Carla, TinyAngryCrafts

  12. First of all yes I missed you but totally understand that you must need a break sometimes - for whatever reasons. It's always so nice to see you back.
    The first photo of you in the arch is just breathtaking, absolutely perfect, as is everything about your outfit.
    Sylvain as usual manages smart casual to perfection and I love his tie.

  13. Il y a toujours tant de beaux détails à vos tenues! Tes boucles d'oreilles!♥♥ Ton manteau!♥♥♥ J'aime beaucoup le petit jacket de Sylvain et avec la cravate c'est vraiment top.

  14. Laurence your blog is fascinating, his collection is fantastic, and the photos are beautiful, it's great to see a couple reliving the past so perfectly and with such refinement, and sometimes I am inspired by some ideas of her husband Sylvain .

    A big hug !

  15. oh God, you are both awesome! Greetings from the Czech republic and best wishes xx :)

  16. Ce petit foulard rouge est divin !

  17. You both are such an inspiration. I'm always so amazed and impressed at the levels of details in your outfits. Are your earrings clip on? love them