Sunday, July 26, 2015

On the ROAD again....

With those really hot summer temperatures...

it's really hard to be motivated by anything...

but as Sylvain is the kind of guy who cannot stay inactive,

he wanted absolutly to go on a ride in my car!

Despite I was really lazy... I fulfilled his wish...

Let's go on a funny ride!

The weather was quite stormy...

really hot but with a cloudy sky.

This kind of weather always gives good light for pictures...

I chose this sleeveless 50's dress for this heat wave.

I'm not a fan of sleeveless clothes... I don't like my arms...

I bought this vintage dress NOS in shop in L.A., what a find!

And it matched perfectly something I had just received in my mail box...

This SO perfect Enid Collins purse.

These handbags are more 60's,

I was not sure a few months ago if I love them or hate them...

but I found THIS one at VLV and I have bought 2 others since than!

but I'm just a bit picky because some designs are really too kitch.

A touch of elegance with those Miss L Fire heels...

Sylvain chose the perfect outfit to match my car!

He also found that shirt during our last stay in L.A.

This early 60's shirt was hidden in a huge amount of 80's crap...

so it was really cheap!!!

Even with this stunning silver embroidery!

A lot of people ask us: 
"But how can you say for sure from which era are those clothes???"

It just became so easy after years of vintage hunt.

We often just see a small part of a piece of clothing

 and can say if it's mid-century or not...

I really LOVE the sky on those pictures!

Matching black suede shoes...

and a matching couple and car!

And it was time to go back home...

This is our garage... must make a post about it one day....

Do you have difficulties to guess the era of an item?
Enid Collins purses: uggly or desirable?

Dur, dur de trouver la motivation de mettre le nez dehors avec les températures que nous avons connues ces dernières semaines... Mais comme Sylvain ne sait pas rester en place, il m'a convaincu de l'emmener faire un tour dans ma Bel Air...
Un ciel orageux qui donne au final de bien belles photos! 2 tenues rapportées de notre dernier séjour à L.A. Beaucoup nous demande "Mais comment faites vous pour être sûr de dater un vêtement correctement?". Cela devient simplement naturel avec le temps... un simple bout de tissu et nous pouvons être quasi sûr si c'est un vêtement d'époque ou pas... juste un peu d'expérience!
Une nouvelle de mes fixettes, les sacs Enid Collins, ils étaient vendus en kit dans les 60's... affreux ou kitchissimement magnifiques... je reste encore partagée sur la question...
- A+ -


  1. I'm with you on the bags. Can't make my mind up if I want one or not. I do have a charity shop find with a bike on it. It was only £1.50 so I can get used to the idea of a Collins.
    I have a cyber green vw which I must get Philip to match an outfit to.
    Your man looks as cool as ever

  2. Stunning photos! If it gets too hot, please send it to me in Wales, it's raining (again!) and on the cool side.

  3. I love Enid Collins handbags, and I have collected them for several years...It took me awhile to like them, and now I am a big fan.

  4. Nice car and nice outfits. Sylvain really becomes your car. And you can easily wear a sleveless dress, dear. :) Have a nice day.

  5. So true! Summer really can zap it out of you. It's lovely that you guys still felt up to doing this trip and shout. You both look terrific and so well coordinated with your car!

    Agreed! The fluffy clouds and vivid blue sky are beautiful and so symbolic of summertime.

    ♥ Jessica

  6. I'm not always good at judging the vintage of an item, but I tell myself that if I like it, I shouldn't worry too much about what era it's from - even if it's not authentic, it will look it.

    Another stunning set of photos from you both.

  7. I love the dress and it looks lovely on you. Your arms are just fine, I have old lady arms - being an old lady - and I used to cover myself up. Then one day I thought bugger it, if I want to wear sleeveless clothes I will. And I do!

  8. I love his blue shirt. I had one just like it a couple of years ago. Mine was ochre and that cool graphic was flocked.

  9. I love his blue shirt. I had one just like it a couple of years ago. Mine was ochre and that cool graphic was flocked.

  10. I really love that purse. I love owl items, though, so I am biased. I like Sylvain's shirt too. Both of your shoes are great. I don't wear a lot of heels because my feet just can't handle them, but these look possible.