Monday, August 3, 2015

BOATER and FLORAL skirt...

After stormy weather, sun is back again... yeah!

Why not going out with our '59 Caddy

for a good sunday flea market?

That was such a nice day...

sunny but not too hot...

perfect weather to wear vintage!!!

Feel great to be able to wear full skirt with a New Look jacket!

This vintage one is part of a 50's suit...

but as I don't wear often my suits because they look too strict,

I decided it would be funnier to match this jacket with a colorful skirt

and with this Luxulite brooch! (Won on Instagram thanks to Coconette-oz just for my birthday!)

Sylvain was also really pleased...

he could go back to his favorites,

VINTAGE TIES of course!!!

He likes to be elegant.

This 30's fitted jacket was calling for a boater!

You must have noticed the master piece of my outfit!

This GORGEOUS vintage skirt!!!!

And what if I tell you that it is not even vintage????

I rarely wear repro for clothes...

I'm always dissapointed with the cut, the fabric, the price...

I tried some repro like Pin Up Girl clothing

but it was too large or too small and mainly TOO short!

I fell in love with that fabric on Etsy HERE...

And with such reasonable price, I choose to contact Marjorie the owner of the shop "Hearts and Found" to see if she can create the skirt of my dream.

I wanted a custom waist size, sweep and lenght...

but I also wanted a box pleated waist
that I think fit better curvy girls.

and here is the result, just perfect! 

She also made THIS one custom made with a special cut
that you will see in another post for sure!

You can also contact her for your dream skirt,
you will be pleased for sure!

I paired it with these Miss L Fire that I really love...
comfy and glamour!

and another Belle Lurette brooch... (yes, I'm a brooch addict...)

We were really lucky on that day...

we were invited to take those pictures in a castle yard...

the 2 owners of this special place welcomed us...

it was hard to picture Sylvain's outfit after their arrival!

We really LOVE dogs... in fact every kind of animals...

So here is the lord of this castle...

What a dapper guy with his friendly old lady!

I really love those pictures....

WE definitively NEED A DOG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Are you pleased with repro?
Would you be able to tell that this skirt was not vintage?

Et voilà, les folies de l'été continue... nous voici au printemps! Loin de se plaindre, c'est le temps parfait pour porter du vintage!
L'occasion de ressortir les vestes, les cravates (Sylvain était aux anges) et les jupes tout en volume... et quelle jupe!!!
Pourriez-vous croire qu'elle n'est même pas vintage, mais juste faite sur mesure pour moi en respectant chacune de mes demande? En fait, j'ai très souvent été très déçue par la repro, tailles bizarres, prix fantaisistes, tissu décevant et surtout TROP COURT!!! Si vous voulez créer tout comme moi la jupe de vos rêves, contactez Marjorie de Hearts and Found!
Nous avons été gentillement invités dans la cour d'un château pour prendre ces photos... nous avons été chaleureusement par les 2 propriétaires à 4 pâtes de la propriété...
- Bises ensoleillées -


  1. I love everything here! The car, the outfits, the location, the dogs!

    Your shoes are crazy and I love your dog and hydrant brooch. Oh, and those sunglasses! Just divine.

    Summers must be much cooler where you are than here in New England. It's way too hot and humid to wear any kind of jacket. I can't even imagine how hot it is down south here in the USA if my northern summers are this hot.

  2. I LOVE that skirt! Hell, I love everything about this set!
    And those dogs look so happy and friendly!

    Carla, TinyAngryCrafts

  3. Fabulous set of pictures. Gorgeous clothes - your shoes are such fun. It looks like you had a great day out, A very enjoyable post, thanks.

  4. You both look amazing....and the car :-)

  5. Stunning bespoke skirt! It's completely gorgeous and looks the genuine vintage part to a tee.

    You're both so fabulously well dressed and chic looking here. Great mid-summer outfits, guys!

    ♥ Jessica

  6. What a lovely skirt! And I'm sure you don't mind that Sylvain prefers dressing elegant. :)

  7. Thank you so much for all the lovely skirt compliments ladies <3

    If you're interested in trying out a custom skirt made by Hearts and Found just message me on Etsy for 20% off your first order. :)

    Or check us out on Instagram: @heartsandfound

    And thank you so much Laurence for posting our skirt on your blog!!!! You are such a doll to work with and you have such impeccable taste. <3

  8. C'est la première fois j'écris dans ton blog. Wow! la jupe est très belle. Quand je l'a vu j'ai pensé, qu'est ce que tu fais avec une moderne jupe? Avant j'avais vu le "textil" dans internet. Bon, comme toujours très élegant tout le deux. Ah! le français n'est pas ma langue maternelle, donc que pardon pour les erreurs! :-) et une autre information sur moi, j'habite à la frontiere allemagne, je travail à Lux comme toi et aime bien tout "vintage" mais je m'habilles plus clasique (estile Audrey Hepburn). Bonne journée, Eva

  9. What a fabulous skirt! I thought for sure it was vintage. This is the way to go, get some one to make the skirts for you:) I have a big pile of fabrics that I want to make into things. I too prefer box pleats. Such a lovely outfit, you look so lovely in it.

  10. I love the skirt and you are right about the box pleating, it gets rid of all the bunching up that can happen.

  11. This skirt is well made and looks super vintage-y but as the fabric is true vintage - it isd kina a vintage. ;)
    I know what you mean, when you talk about repro clothing - it rarely makes you as happy as a true vintage piece ... the tailoring, the fabric, the length ... I mostly struggle with the qualitly of fabric in compaired to the price of an repro item ... The real good repro labels I just can't afford, even if they are worth every cent! But I will keep on looking for good rerpo ... that makes even me happy. ;)

  12. This is all a dream come true! Your photos, car and of course your outfits! I am so in love with your Miss L Fire shoes. I'm so happy I came across your blog today, it is so inspiring!

  13. Lovely photos! I'd never picked up that you don't wear suits - I guess you're always so well co-ordinated that it doesn't register.

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