Thursday, October 15, 2015

SWING in the FIELD!!!

Hi there! How are you my dear readers?

cannot believe that those pictures were taken less than one month ago...

The first week-end of fall had a summer flair!

It's like we directly jump from summer to winter...

Can you believe that it snowed yesterday near home!!!!!

Was 4°C (40°F) in the middle of the day today....

so let's enjoy a bit more sunny days on this post,

but you will see soon on this blog...

darker skies and wool outfits!

Thanks to Didier for these beautiful pictures of us!

Please visit his Facebook page, he is really talented!!!

Here is a small backstage preview!

We met some friends on that day ...

and went to a military event.

Always fun to discuss with other passionate people!

That was a special date in France.

It's called the "journée du patrimoine"

can be translate like the Heritage Day I think.

On that day, you can visit a lot of historic places for free.

There are also some places not openned to public that can be visited only on that day.

It's nice because even people who ususally don't go to museums, go out to enjoy our history!

We enjoyed the music of a swing orchestra outdoor!

A rare experience for sure!

A lot of people tried to dress up.

Like our friend here with Sylvain.

It's the traditionnal outfit of women in our part of France "Lorraine".

I was not in a WWII mood myself....

Just... Lost in the 50's!

I love this novelty set!

I had had this amazing vintage fabric laying in a suitcase for years...

I thought a few months ago that it was time to give it a real life!

Debora from The Black Pinafore created this for me!

She's really a sweet person and her works is just perfect!!!

You can contact her for your dreamy sewing projects and they will come into life!

My dapper husband was handsome... as always :-)

I liked the small details on his outfit...

makes me think to Ali Baba or Pirates of the Carribean!

Do you have Heritage Days in your country?
Do you have sewing projects that you are dreaming for?

Et oui, difficile de croire que ces photos ont moins d'un mois... le soleil me manque déjà... il semble que nous sommes directement passés de l'été à l'hiver... seulement 4°C en pleine journée aujourd'hui, les pare-brises à dégivrer le matin  et de la neige a quelques kms de la maison hier... y a plus de saisons mes braves gens!!!
Ces photos datent des journées du patrimoine où nous nous sommes rendus à un fort de la ligne Maginot pour une reconstitution historique et un beau concert de swing en pleine nature. C'est toujours un plaisir de rencontrer des personnes passionnées!
Pour moi, je n'étais au final pas en totale symbiose avec cette ambiance 40's, mais j'ai eu plutôt envie d'inaugurer ce nouvel ensemble 50's, fait pour moi avec une étoffe vintage qui dormait depuis des années dans une valise... 
- Bises à tous au chaud sous la couette...-


  1. OMG that outfit is totally dreamy - those cuffs! I've never bought vintage fabric to have made into clothing because I've never been sure I would buy the right amount but I might have to give it a go now! :)

  2. Perfection as usual !

  3. Snow? Brrr! I look forward to seeing your winter wear, and hope the weather doesn't get in the way of your stylish outings.

  4. Laurence, you're so sweet for mentioning in this beautiful post.
    Is so exciting to give life to old fabrics.
    Even in Italy the weather changed so suddenly !!!


  5. You are such a dashing and creative pair, I always love seeing your photos. I look forward to the wool and cosy outfits, as we'll need some cold-weather inspiration here soon! x

  6. Que vous êtes beaux! Que ta jupe - panier est superbe ; j'adore.
    Ces photos font voyager , merci !


  7. Purple and brown look so beautiful and sharp together! You're uber stylish proof of that here and inspiration to all of us to wear this fun colour pairing more often.

    Wishing you both a marvelous second half of October,
    ♥ Jessica

  8. You both look absolutely stunning, as always!

    Carla, Tiny Angry Crafts

  9. Hello dearies!
    Post like this one make me miss summer. :)
    As I always comment on your Instagram (you do knot that the general opinion is that you two are the king/queen of 1950s Instagram snaps?!).. so, as I always comment: you look amazing!

    Many hugs from foggy Serbia


  10. Goodbye summer dresses, welcome back winter coats...thanks for sharing some more sunny photos :-)
    Amazing set, Debora is a very talented lady!

  11. You both were looking great as always!!!!
    I miss summer already .... I'm definitly not a winter person!

  12. Hello,

    I came over from Jessica's blog (chronically Vintage).

    I really love this outfit. Do you sew your own clothes, or find these things on the Internet?

    I think it is fun that you and your husband dress 1950s together. He has some really sharp looking outfits.

    I plan to come by again and see more.