Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Vintage TRACHTEN....

During our trip in Bavaria and Austria last summer...

of course we visited a lot of historical places

but we also made some shopping!

I have always loved bavarian outfits.

I think that dirnl dresses are really lovely

and give a nice curvy silouhette.

The traditionnal clothes are called TRACHTEN in Germany.

Those vintage traditionnal clothes are easy to find,

even in thrift stores.

In the 40's-50's, these outfits were worn on a daily basis 

and not just as a costume for Oktober fest like nowadays...

So here is the outfit I built with a few of my last summer purchases.

The master piece is this sweater...

handmade with a lot of beautiful details.

Another find is this velvet vest,

with small embroidered flowers.

The white blouse is a flea market find in Munich.

My edelweiss necklace was find in a german flea market near home.

All the other parts of my outfit are not traditionnal...

but I thought they provided a quite good harmony...

40's green felt hat...

where I added vintage cherries.

Vintage american A line velvet skirt...

you could have think that it was a set with the vest,
 but absolutly not!

My 50's astrologic basket...

and shoes from Miss L Fire!

That outfit was really fun to built and to wear!!!!

As I fell in love with Trachten fashion for women....

Sylvain was really not seduced by bavarian men's outfits!

No leather pants or feathers hat for him...

What a pity!!!!

As I suppose that just like me, you would have loved to see him...

with traditionnal bavarian leather shorts and suspenders!!!!

But he will not get ride of his beautiful ties!

This one with small "bambies" is really fun.

A lot of people noticed that my outfit were from Bavaria...

I really LOVE this sweater...

must definitively find a way to wear it for Xmas season...

yes, fall is now in the past... 
I write this post looking at the first snow falling outside...

Do you like vintage bavarian outfits?
Do you sometimes wear traditionnal clothes?

Pendant notre séjour en Bavière et Autriche, nous n'avons pas fait que du tourisme, mais aussi un peu de shopping... vintage bien sûr! J'ai toujours beaucoup aimé les vêtements traditionnels bavarois, je trouve qu'ils donnent une silhouette très féminine... Ces vêtements appelés TRACHTEN sont assez faciles à trouver sur place, car dans les 40's-50's, c'était des vêtements de tous les jours et pas seulement un costume porté une fois par an pour la fête de la bière comme de nos jours. J'ai ainsi pu rapporter plusieurs pièces vintage dans mes valises! Je présente ici une tenue construite avec quelques unes de mes trouvailles.
Ce fût une tenue très fun à construire et à porter!!! Sylvain n'a pas eu le même coup de coeur pour la mode masculine bavaroise... et oui, il n'a pas craqué sur les chapeaux à plumes et les culottes de cuir... Dommage...
Et vous, vous en pensez quoi de cette mode traditionnelle?
- A bientôt -


  1. Great outfit!! Still today, many women wear this type of clothes- not only in Bavaria, also in the west part of Austria. More in the country side than in towns. The jacket is really a treasure!!!!

  2. Gorgeous sweater! And a lovely outfit you have put together. I love dirdnls too, but since they are quite expensive I only have one I bought a few years ago in Austria. I fully understand Sylvain, let him be his usual elegant self, please. :) Wishing you both a lovely day, we have snow here in Denmark too.

  3. I love the little top of your purse! Your outfit is wonderful. Of course I'd fall in love with the cardigan as I love vintage hand knits, especially ones similar to that type. Everything is divine how you styled it!

  4. That sweater is something else! And your hat is so cute.

    I think vintage Bavarian clothing is so colorful, and utterly unique. I have yet to attempt any outfits including items, or inspired items though.


  5. quel tenue magnifique tous les deux! un vrai plaisir visuel de regarder ces photos! ça donne effectivement envie de mettre quelque chose de bavarois, très jolie et féminine! quand j’étais petite, ma mère a amené de l'Allemagne des culottes en cuir pour mes deux frères et moi, mais déjà on hésitait de les porter :)

  6. This looks totally Bavarian! So great!
    I do own a few Dirndls and I own Two traditional knit jackets but I rarely wear them ...

  7. I love Bavarian and Austria cardigans like that, I have very nearly finished knitting one myself, yours is lovely!

  8. I agree with everyone, the outfit is great! I especially love the cardigan! :)