Wednesday, March 16, 2016


Hi guys!!! How have you been since my last post?

For us, after a really awfull rainy winter...

it seems that spring want to finally come...

Easter is just around the corner....

but even with the sun, it's still quite chilly!

I wore that outfit alone just for the pictures....

but need to wear a warm winter coat on the top of that to feel OK!

But still... sun is sun... it's felt like a new birth after a long sleep...

I felt it was time to inaugurate that new to me NOVELTY skirt!

This one was made for me from an original 50's fabric.

I love pink so much... but don't wear brown often...

So here is a new to me colors combination...

I must tell you that I was really pleased with the result!

This 50's fitted jacket was one day a part of a suit probably...

I found this 40's hat in a flea market...

I customized it to match my outfit with a felt flowers brooch from 1940's for you.

My brooch is also a flea market find.

Pink flowers shape rhinstones and leaves made of glass... so delicate! 

Sylvain was so pleased to be able to drive his '58 Continental!

He can drive it top down even at 0°C (32°F)!!!

He is wearing a late 40's plaid wool jacket.

But he chose a crazy vintage tie to bright his outfit!

Perfect for that sunny day!

After a few works in our home...

we have now 2 big dressing rooms...

we are now preparing ourselves for our upcoming US trip...

See you at Viva guys!!!!

Are you also fed up of winter?
Will you be at VLV?

Salut vous tous!!! Comment allez-vous depuis la dernière fois? L'hiver touche pour nous à sa fin... Pâques arrive à grand pas... et le soleil nous fait enfin l’honneur de sa présence! C'est comme une nouvelle naissance après toute cette pluie... de quoi se motiver à sortir nos plus beaux atours! Pour moi, une nouvelle tentative de mariage de couleurs: marron et rose... et j'en fût bien satisfaite! J'adore ma nouvelle jupe vintage! Sylvain a également saisie l'occasion pour rouler cheveux au vent... malgré mes réticences... et oui, même si le soleil était de sortie, on frôlait tout de même les 0°... en fait, de gros manteaux ont recouverts nos belles tenues juste après ces photos... Et voilà, après quelques petits travaux dans notre maison (nous avons désormais 2 grands dressings!), il est temps de penser aux vacances... Viva nous voilà!
- RDV peut-être à Las Vegas! -


  1. I just get lost in your a fashion dream!

  2. You will hVe such fun at VIVA

  3. You both look so fantastic! I'm wild about your pink + brown outfit. Brown is one of my favourite colours ever and I tend to reach for it most often during the spring and fall. I also adore pairing 1950s circle skirts with fitted jackets/blazers as you've done here. That blend of sweet + sophisticated never fails to speak to me.

    Many hugs & happy start of spring wishes!
    ♥ Jessica

  4. Pink and brown is a very lovely colour combination. I have to remember that. And you have TWO dressing rooms!?! I am turning green with envy. ;) Have a lovely day, both of you. :)

  5. Gorgeous! I love the way you've used the brooch to match the hat to your look too!

  6. You are gorgeous, every detail of your outfit look gorgeous and so aristocratic.

  7. Wow! magnifiques photos et ta robe, adorable! J'aime bien ton blog, même si tu n'as pas le temp pour y écrire de manière plus regulière. Je, aussi, travail à Lux mais habite de coté germane. Je vous souhaite un mois d'avril magnifique (je dis rien sur la plui qui n'arrete pas). Eva (Lux/Allemagne)

  8. Wonderful outfit! Brown looks absolutely great on you and novelry skirt and blazer are total gems!

  9. Beautiful photos and outfits! Bonjour de Montreal, Canada. :)

  10. I would never have thought of a pink and brown colour combination, but it is gorgeous. Your whole outfit is fantastic, and your husband's too. Les photos sont magnifiques. xxx