Sunday, November 13, 2016

Matching the BROOCH...

In just one week, we jumped directly in winter!

It's so COLD!!!

So it's time for winter coats to go out!

I found this AMAZING one on Etsy last year.

Its color is a deep violet.

And what a breathless colar and sleeves!!!

Sylvain didn't feel like wearing a coat yet...

but I think he had regrets as he was freezing!

But it's true that a coat can ruined all your efforts...

It can hide a outfit that you have patiently put together!

It took me a lot of courage to remove it

to show you what was underneath!

A gorgeous dress?

In fact, it's a vintage 50's set: skirt and blouse!

And the funnier fact about it is that I found the skirt a few months after the blouse!!!!

As you may know, I'm a crazy brooches addict...

I discovered recently 2 talented sisters who are making new creations.

This funny face is from their store DEER ARROW.

You must visit their shop, so much cuteness to see!
I have just placed my Xmas order! 

I thought it would have been fun to wear my black glasses to match my brooch on that day!

They aren't just costume ones, I need glasses but wear lenses on most of my blog pictures...

This tiny 40's hat was an early find more than 10 years ago I think.

I have also owned  this lucite purse for years...

I have sharpened my style since then but still love them!

After years in vintage style, you better know how to put an outfit together...

You learn how important details are....

and colors!!!

But for us it's still really fun to dress up aftter all this time!

Don't be afraid to be different, wear what you like!

Do you know Deer Arrow ?
Do you still wear pieces bought years ago?

Il semble qu'une semaine ait suffit pour passer directement de l'automne à l'hiver... il est temps pour les gros manteaux de sortir du placard!!! Un sentiment mitigé entre la joie de les porter à nouveaux et le fait qu'ils réduisent à néant nos efforts! Et oui, ils cachent totalement une tenue qu'on a pris le temps de construire avec amour... C'est pour cela que Sylvain ne s'est pas encore décidé à les porter... peut-être à regret par cet après-midi glacial!
On ne me voit pas souvent avec des lunettes dans ces pages, mais j'en ai bien besoin (je suis myopte comme une taupe!)... je préfère en général porter des lentilles, mais là je me suis dit pourquoi pas un petit clin d'oeil à cette jolie broche récemment achetée sur Deer Arrow! J'ai craqué sur pas mal de leurs modèles, ces 2 soeurs ont vraiment du talent!
- A+ -


  1. This coat is to die for!

    And yes, I still wear pieces bought years ago. My very first vintage coat (purchased in late 1990’s or early 2000’s) has been my most used coat almost every year!

  2. The coat!!!!! Woooowza!
    I own a lot of pieces I wear now for years. Right now I'm even getting to a point that I'm owning too many pieces and I have to let some go, as my wardrobe is too full to pull one dress out of the wardrobe without getting stuck .... BUT I don't know what to part with. I love them all. ;)

  3. What an amazing coat! I'm loving the dress and brooch too. xxx

  4. You two have the most stunning outfits! I am always amazed at the details. Your blog is so much fun to read. Keep up the wonderful work.

  5. I definitely have tons of pieces I've owned for years that I still wear.
    And may I say, the color of your coat is gorgeous and the novelty print skirt and blouse are beyond fabulous. Am totally jealous! And cant' believe you found them on separate occasions. You have amazing vintage shopping karma!

    BTW, I so wish I could get my husband to dress like yours. He is one stylish dude :)

  6. What a lucky find! You now have a dress. The brooch is made for you, looks like you. And what a fabulous coat. Deer Arrow reminds me much of Erstwilder, which I know you love too. Have a great day, you two. :)

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