Saturday, June 3, 2017


No, it's not the end of our blog!!!

Just a long, long break....

Life is lately quite busy and
we were away for an US trip for Viva Las Vegas.

And it's so much easier to share pictures with Instagram!

Less time, less work and speedier with much more feebacks.

But we also really like to take good pictures

and even if our cell phones can now take good pictures,
it's not like a camera!

And as you can see, you don't need a bright blue sky to take stylish pictures.

My outfit here is almost entirely built with some new purchase from our recent US trip!

We have found again some really nice stuff!

These pretty shoes were found in the Miss L Fire Hollywood store, they are really classics and can fit everything!

I found this lovely skirt at the Rose Bowl flea market. 

I was really happy to find it at a good price

 as novelty prints are now so rare and mainly expensive!

But I must tell that I was a bit disapointed with this flea market.

This bright sweater was found in a vintage store also in Hollywood for cheap as it was in a pile of uggly 80's clothes.

Orange is usually not my color but it is a really nice shade and those monograms are amazing!

I have been a brooch addict for years

but I think recently the virus spreads around the world!

A lot a discussion Facebook groups appeared and some new brands started to create some nice designs.

This lovely rooster is from Loretta Lou.

Those breathless earrings are from Belle Lurette.

My bakelite bangles come from different flea markets.

Sylvain also found a lot of good vintage!

For once, I think he spent more than me!

He brought back home almost 50 vintage ties!!!

But he wear them everyday so it's not just a stupid collection...

I found this one for him for a few bucks at the Rose Bowl.

He also found some nice tie bars.

It's now this time of the year when we can enjoy our vintage cars again.

Our car doesn't turn only human heads...

It was SO funny to see these cows run to us

They wanted a hug for sure!

Sylvain is really happy to have his Cadillac back again...

After a year of restoration,

he really likes to drive her (it's like his second wife...) again!

So what's new for you after these 3 months?
Did you follow us on INSTAGRAM?

Non, non, ce n'est pas la mort de notre blog!!!! C'est juste une longue, longue absence, les semaines et les mois passent à une vitesse folle sans que l'on s'en aperçoive... Nous nous sommes absentés pour quelques semaines aux Etats-Unis pour le traditionnel Viva Las Vegas et nous voici de retour, des trésors vintage pleins les valises!
Ma tenue est d'ailleurs fortement composée de nouvelles trouvailles!
Sylvain n'est pas resté sur sa faim, presque 50 cravates ont rejoint sa collection! C'est déjà de nouveau cette période de l'année où l'on peut à nouveau sortir en ancienne, quel plaisir!
- A bientôt -


  1. Happy to see you again. LOVE your watermelon skirt and orange cardi. I've started collecting a few orange things too. 50 ties! Boy, how many does he have now?! But the fact that he is always so stylish makes up for it. You're right about IG, but I always enjoy the stories (more text) on blogs. Have a lovely Sunday, you two. :)

  2. What wonderful photos - Instagram is great for snapshots, but I loved seeing this whole post and hearing about some of your bargains! What a beautiful skirt x

  3. Another wonderful post featuring your beautiful car! She's looking stunning, as are both of you!

  4. I do follow you on Instagram, but there's more information on blogs. And, as you say, more room for good photos.

  5. Such wonderful clothes on you both...and I have to say, I laughed out loud at those cute cows cozying up to you!

  6. I'm so glad you are still going to be blogging. Too many people are giving up and I still love seeing all the good high quality pictures on a blog.

  7. Wonderful pictures!

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  9. Gorgeous pictures. Both are looking so beautiful

  10. Thank you for coming to our Antique Store.

  11. Hope you intend to continue after a break. Really miss your wonderful photos and commentary. I love that you show both of you in the blog. Thank you!

  12. Thanks for sharing with us...

  13. Just started following you on Instagram. Absolutely love your style especially the 50s. I make my own dresses and try to pick up accessories from charity and vintage stores.I to have a vintage husband makes life so much easier.xxxx

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  16. Nice dress! goes well with the black clutch.