Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Week-end activities...

I was quite busy these previous days, busy at home, busy at work... so I didn't find any time to share my last week-end activities with you dear readers!
So on Saturday we were invited by the mayor of our village to an inauguration...

I went out with my vintage Chevy. I don't know why but my camera gave me these strange, quite 50's, colors on this picture.... Perhaps the beginning of its end!
It's perhaps its last outing for these year because cold weather is already here... perhaps soon snow!

On the sunday I went to a local flea market, it takes place every 2 weeks. It's the only outside one which lasts all winter.
Here is me early in the morning with some of my finds.

We often go really early to flea markets... Early birds catch the best bargains!!! But it was so cold, it was time for me to wear for the first time my new vintage 40's boots and some wool pantyhose.

I found these interesting 50's handkerchief...

and these beautiful scarf !!!

I couldn't resist to these nearly mint and complete 50's porcelain dishes service. 6 differents light colors with gold trim, LOVELY!!!

I also bought some 45 RPM, one of them was Twilight Time from The Platters.

Nothing on the A side except one of my favorite song but a surprise on the B side...
(will be easier to understand for my french readers, sorry)

A little more explanations... That was a record given to all new owners of the 50's french car Dyna Panhard and the record explains how to use your new Dyna!!!

Here is a DYNA...
It was a typical week-end for me with a vintage car cruise and flea markets... I also spend some time ironing, cleaning and watching TV and internet in pajamas.. I don't thing you will be interested to see pictures of that....

What are your favorite week-end activities?


  1. Bonjour!

    I love what you found! The pastel colors are so beautiful. How early do you have to get to the market to get great things? I have never been to a "real " flea market :(
    The very first photo of you is especially interesting because of the colors and the outfit are just stunning.

    I used to love to go shopping for vintage on weekends, but now have to watch my budget, so just learning to sew instead. It is cheaper!!
    Also, I love to walk a lot and do it as often as possible in the neighborhood.
    I would love to get shoes like yours; they seem to be comfortable to be on your feet for a while...


  2. Usually I wake up at about 5:30 or 6:00 AM to go to flea markets in order to be ready to hunt between 7:00 and 8:00 AM... But I know a lot of antiques sellers who are there at 4:00AM to be able to find the most incredible things!!!
    I usually buy things for just a few euros, it's more cheaper to buy something in a flea market than new items!!!

  3. What a delightful blog you have! Look like you found some nice things!

  4. Lucky you !! I need badly some plates, glasses and all that sort ! But one part of me is worried that they might get used (usee jusqu'a la corde ?) or even broken !

    Again lucky you, you have an amazing set ! I found 2 weeks ago a fantastic set of multicolour palette-shape placemats and coasters sets (12 in total).. Need to put it on my blog but I haven't had the time to present it well !

  5. Yes, it's hard to find complete set in good shape. But I think I have more than 10 differents sets of plates and I don't speak about glasses. I think I will make a post about my 50's glasses collection soon.
    I'm looking for your post about your find!
    I have never order dishes from internet, easy to order clothes but it's different for fragile things.

  6. Fun! I love your boots, I have been having a hard time finding very many wool tights in the US that are not just plain black or dark brown!

    I can't believe your find of all the dishes, wow!!

  7. Yes it's hard to find wool tights here too, there is a great choice for children but it's not easy to find a L size!

  8. Great finds! And I'm really loving the pastel coloured dishes!

  9. Oh gosh, those plates! They're amazing - they look like candy. :D
    -Andi x