Thursday, February 23, 2012

20's fashion

My favorite era for fashion is between 1945-1955 and it's those clothes that I chose to wear, but I'm a also a pre-1945 fashion lover.

For me, vintage wearable clothes are post-1935 and I consider pre-1935 clothes like a part of history. Most of the clothes before 1935 are really fragile made of silk, heavily beaded... Those clothes are really hard to find in good condition and I don't think I would dare to wear them and destroy a part of fashion history. Before the "prêt à porter" era, clothes were all handmade in a small scale and fabrics were not that much durable.

I think the 20's is the era that I like the least in fashion history (pre-60's) probably because it's the total opposite of what I like the most in the 40's-50's fashion. 20's clothes were too boyish and hid women curves. However I think that 20's fashion magazines are pretty amazing because they presented only drawings, no photography, and most of the time with a breathless ART DECO design!!!!

I found some months ago in a flea market an incredible lot of magazines dating from 1926 and 1927... All pages are hand colored with paint!!!
Look at all those beautiful Art Deco ladies, they are real piece of art, aren't they?

The tittle of these magazines is : Art-Goût-Beauté (Art-Taste-Beauty). I never heard about it before buying them...

With only drawings it's hard to imagine that all these clothes were real made by the greatest french HAUTE COUTURE designers : Jeanne LANVIN, Lucien LELONG, Coco CHANEL, Jean PATOU, Paul POIRET, Elsa SCHIAPARELLI, Edward MOLYNEUX...

Look at all those accessories! It's rare to see them in real life...

I don't like this style of hats much but those fashion plates are so stylish!!!

Do you like 20's fashion?
Would you dare to wear pre-1935 clothes?


  1. I will recommend this book, surely there will be also available in French.

  2. These are amazing. THANK YOU for sharing!!!!

  3. These are all so beautiful. I love looking at drawing/sketches. I can't imagine I'd be able to wear any of that clothes since women were super tiny back then. I like collecting accessories the best.

  4. The pictures are lovely! We have a new series here in Australia starting tonight that is set in 1929, with a rich heiress turn detective (based on Kerry Greenwood's Phryne Fisher series)- can't wait to see the clothes!

  5. The drawings are gorgeous!! I love old magazines with only drawings in, I have them plastered all over my room! XxxX

  6. Thanks for sharing! I LOVE 1920's styles, and those drawings are so beautiful!

  7. I like '20s fashion on *other people* not so much on me.

  8. I totally do ! I have shoes, dresses and knitted suits ! I think it's as nice as other eras when you can find some in wearable condition :) I prefer the early 30s though !
    Thanks for sharing those wonderful magazines anyway !