Saturday, February 25, 2012


Another bad weather day today with rain and fog... Will spring come soon? I really don't know so I choose to bring spring in my outfit with an amazing hat... An Ebay seller sold it to me labelled as a 30's hat but I think it's a pure 50's hat, isn't it?

Red is one of my favorite color.
Black and red suit blondes the best!

My husband chose a more 40's look with a so nice knitt!

The colors of these kind of knitts are so bright that some people think they are from the 70's...

The dress that I wore is a recent purchase, I love those 3/4 sleeves dress, moreover velvet is one of my favorite fabric. It's so elegant!

But there is a big surprise with this dress... its BACK !!!!

When I choose an outfit I usually choose the piece that I want to wear usually a hat or a dress and I build the full outfit by picking the best matching style and colors. Here I selected the dress first, than the hat, after that the purse and shoes...

I always choose the jewelery at the end!

My husband's wardrobe is also full of vintage goodies.
What a nice outfit he had today! 

He also like to match style and colors...

We went to a flea market today but didn't buy so much but my hat was the big sensation of the day... A lot of people stop me to tell me how amazing my hat can be, I really love hats more and more! 

When I began to wear fur I was so disgusted by these kind of furs with heads and feet... but I now own some of them!!!

What is your favorite color ?
What do you think about my hat ?


  1. You're husband looks so suave :) You should get a time machine and ship him back to old Hollywood. I'm going to have to stop saying you look fabulous because you have yet to post any picture of yourself where you don't!!!
    I love the fabric of that dress, I've never seen a weave like that before...but I gotta ask...where'd you get the amazing shoes?!

    1. I bought this boots from a local store called "André" something like ALDO in Canada...
      Thay are not repro just inspired but I wear them a lot this winter... I can use them in snow or rain without any fears!

  2. Red is my favourite too - and I love that dress. The red rose give the hat a lovely touch of Spring - It would be great for the Spring racing carnival here in November. you would both certainly win a fashions on the field prize!

  3. You have the most lovely outfits! I've been enjoying reading your blog posts!


  4. I love this outfit! I went to an antique mall today and found some lovelies. I find the little guys with their heads still attached kind of cute, but I don't have any. I just don't have the occasion to wear any fur at all very often but one day maybe!

  5. Ooh, I just love that hat! And the button details on the dress. Red is one of my favourites, too. :)
    -Andi x

  6. I really like your outfit. And also, I must say, you and your husband make a very handsome couple!:)

  7. Once again you and your husband look just wonderful! Love your hat! I'm not sure if I could wear furs like that, but I don't have anywhere to wear them anyway.

  8. Très joli chapeau, je l'adore !
    Comme le dit Rueby, le look de ton homme est juste parfait.
    Vous faites un couple incroyable.

  9. Beautiful style, both you and your man! I absolutely love the fact that you two share this passion... his sweater is gorgeous, as is your dress!

  10. You look very lovely and your husband looks very dashing. I LOVE the hat. I need to get more hats like that. The back of that dress is just amazing and unique. My favorite color is also red followed by black.

  11. *gasp* your hat is lovely and so are you!

  12. It's definitely more 50s isn't it? Your dress is lovely, the whole outfit is really! x

  13. Oh my goodness!!! What a hat! I'm utterly in love!! And your whole outfit is marvelous!