Wednesday, August 29, 2012


Oh, I have just noticed that I missed my blog anniversary!!!! It was yesterday! Already one year.... I started it last summer and had no idea what this blog would become, if many people would follow it and if I would be able to meet other friends thanks to it!!!

But I'm still here after one year and 95 posts! This blog is sure a lot of work but it's worth it!

So for this anniversary I decided to share with you my favorites pictures of the previous year with some links to the related post!

This picture is special because it's the first one I posted on this blog...
In Disneyland Paris, last september with my '54 Chevy... I will be there again in 2 weeks!
Visiting Alsace for grapes harvest time.
I shared some pictures of my wedding...
Some flea markets...
An amazing HALLOWEEN party!!!
Another costume party: NURSES and DOCTORS!
A fun vintage game for winter!
My best flea market find of the year!!!!
A mexican New Year Eve...
In a 30's mood...
A lovely sweater suit!
Buying more vintage hats!!!!
Enjoying spring in Chevy!
This dress is one of my best find of the year!!!
USA trip !!!!
My husband bought a new car....
A presentation of my home...
Vacations in DORDOGNE...
Summer picnics...
Cool drive-in!!!!
My new ERSTWILDER brooch!
It's a long post, but it was so hard to choose... All these posts are like my small babies, I took time to make good pictures, time to upload them and share some toughts about them....

I hope that you didn't feel boring by this post but that you find some forgotten posts! I love to read previous posts on blogs that I read, I always miss some and I'm pretty happy to find unread post!!!
I hope that you will continue to follow this blog... Even if I don't awswer to all comments, I read them all and I'm really pleased with each of them! I LOVE YOU READERS and hope to perhaps meet you soon in real life!!!!
Would you like some changes on this blog?
Have you enjoy most of my previous posts?


  1. What a great year you have had!!! Joyeux Anniversaire! Thanks for all the lovely photos!

  2. I admit I used Google translate for that and I think I ended up telling you "Happy Birthday." Whatever I said, congratulations on one year of blogging!

  3. Congrats on making it through one year of blogging! I always love your posts. :)

  4. How terrifically exciting! Happiest congrats on reaching this blogging milestone! You are, bar none, one of my biggest fashion inspirations, and I can hardly wait for all of the amazing posts that are in store for us in the second year and beyond.

    Joyful blogaversery wishes!
    ♥ Jessica

  5. Happy one year anniversary!!! Looking at your past photos I just want to say you always look amazing. You are so polished from head to toe. I have to admit your one of my favorite bloggers, I just love your outfit posts.

  6. Happy Anniversary! Such amazing photos!!!

  7. Happy anniversary! I always enjoy your posts!

  8. CONGRATULATIONS!!! I give you much credit for starting and continuing....I have loved every post since I discovered your site! I think you are a DOLL and always love to see your outfits. You do such an awesome job of putting it all together. Both YOU AND your HUBBY!!! Just a darling pair! Keep going please!!!! NEVER BORING!!!! ALWAYS FUN!!!!

  9. Happy Blog anniversary!
    I enjoy reading your blog very much and I wIsh you lots of energy to continue. I hope we will meet one day in the future :)
    Thank you very much again for your last giveaway - the bracelet has been used already a couple of times :)
    Grosses bisses

  10. im way behind in my blog reader, but i still wanted to say happy anniversary and tell you how much i enjoy your blog! i loved this post, i haven't followed you long so I hadn't see a lot of these. you guys have so much fun and i really love all of your beautiful vintage.