Saturday, September 1, 2012

Pink ROSES and green SHOES...

Here is a post to present my new Ebay purchase...
My outfit : pink, black and green...

So my new purchase is this vintage dress!

It was also a good excuse to wear for the first time these lovely green shoes!!!

I have had this hat for many years but never find the perfect dress to match, I believe it's from the early 60's.

But I think it's the perfect match with my new purchase, isn't it?

These shoes are from Miss L Fire and I cannot wait to buy some of their new designs from their new fall/winter 2012 collection, they are really comfy with a great vintage style! A bit expensive but they are worth it!

You have already seen this birds brooch, one of my favorite.
These 50's sun glasses were bought in Toulouse a month ago, do you remember GROUCHO? I love them!!!

Here are some pictures of this dress without my little lace jacket.

It's a simple 50's coton dress.

But one more time, with a simple dress and fine matching accessories, you can look like you are ready for a wedding party...

This dress was less than 80 euros with shipping... I usually never pay more than 100 euros for a vintage cloth.

I prefer to buy many accessories instead of expensive dresses... I often see dresses on Etsy for more than $150 but I will never order them. Even my wedding dress was less than $60... 
Are you a fan of Miss L Fire designs like me?
How much did you pay for your most expensive vintage dress?


  1. Oh la broche ! Un joli sweater clip :) Vert et rose c'est vraiment mignon... xo

  2. I think this is my favourite outfit u have shown on your blog! You look gorgeous.

  3. Oh dear gal, you are my perpetual style inspiration (I've said it before, I know, but I just had to tell you again, as I utterly adore that you love wearing 50s looks as much as I do). You are so wonderfully beautiful in your new 50s floral print dress - awesome find!

    ♥ Jessica

  4. Amazing as usual, love the shoes in green, Kelly Green is my all time favorite color.

  5. I love your pearl ring, is it vintage? I have been looking for ages but cant find one I like. I am very envious you look stunning all round xx

    1. It's my wedding ring but it's not a vintage one.

  6. You are a vision!!! Each outfit with accessories you post is cuter than the last! You have my vote for Queen of the Vintage Dressers!!!!!!

  7. What a fabulous outfit!!

    I just got myself a pair of Miss L Fires! I'll be blogging about 'em this week!


  8. Miss L Fire shoes are my absolute favourite! I treat myself to a pair each season :) Lovely dress, glasses and brooch!