Monday, September 3, 2012


About every sunday when weather is not so bad we get up early to visit our favorite places... flea markets of course!

This sunday was a big monthly one near home in Belgium.

As it was a nice sunny day, there were many great sellers with most of the items before the 70's.

Look as those cute STEIFF dolls from the 50's!!! Made in Germany by the firm which produced the first Teddy bear.

So much things to see, I love for example old pictures... but cannot buy them all!

You must keep your eyes wide openned to not miss anything!

You can also discover some items that you never noticed before... for example those darling baby toys from the 30's-50's... unfortunaly quite expensive! They would look nice used like napkins rings!!!!

It's pleasant to visit flea market not alone because you can see twice more things!!!

This music stall was a feast for eyes!!!

A full NOS 50's-60's doll wardrobe... Even if I will not buy them, there are some great things that I love to discover and see.

There are also many incredible items that I would purchase but their conditions are just too bad to afford any euros in them.... That umbrella was a beauty with a handle made of ivory but the fabric was so dammaged, what a pity!

Some items are also just too expensive... like those elegant pin hats...

Vintage toys are always something I love to see. They was so creative and fun to watch now!

This BROCANTE is really a nice place to walk because it's in a middle of a beautiful old town (see this post of the same event).

A lot of local flea markets just propose plastic, plastic and plastic from the 90's till now.... but here, nothing like that... however the prices can be not so cheap on some stalls!

I really like these kind of chalkware wall plaques from the 40's-50's!!!

I even found some people selling some vintage clothes, quite rare in our area!

I would have bought those hair nets but there were only dark color... so sad!

I fell in love with this pretty seniorita!!!

We are pretty lucky to have so much nice flea markets near home.
And you will ask me: "But what did you buy???"

8 slips from the 50's for 1 euro each,

a jar for candy with a bakelite cap,
2 brooches from the 50's including one that is just a simple gold "L" for my name Laurence,
a chalkware colorful lady from the 50's and
6 glasses from the 50's handpainted with blue swallows... perfect for my collection of vintage glasses!!!!

Are you a flea market addict like us?
What kind of things do you like to buy there?


  1. Oooh, I love the chalkware lady...and the glasses....and the slips! You scored! :) I wish there were more good flea markets in London - unfortunately most of them are quite expensive or not very impressive!

  2. How fun, it's really nice that your husband shares in your passion for vintage. My husband and I have gotten into estate sales out here, not much clothing but tons of goodies for the home.

    1. Estates sales don't exist in France... so the first places where you can find goodies are flea markets.

    2. Wow, we don't have flea markets in my area, so it's either estate sales or thrift stores. I know California and New York has nice flea markets.

    3. Yes, we went to flea markets in Manhattan and also in L.A., they were great!
      You also have ANTIQUE MALLS in the USA nothing like that here...

  3. What great finds! I would like to have a good rummage at your flea market as well. I especially love the swallow glasses, I collect them too :)

  4. What a score you made! I wish we had more of those here. Goodness I still shake my head in confusion that we don't have more flea markets or vintage selling in NY-I just don't get it!! Anyhoo-what a lovely time you both had. And thank you for sharing your goodies with us! xox

  5. Love your finds. Those glasses look really pretty, but I'm always concerned to get them home savely without breaking them...

  6. You have no idea how much your posts like this tempt me to pack up and move to Belgium right now! Seriously, it's mind blowing that you have such treasure troves of vintage pieces right in your own area. You guys are so, so lucky!!! Thank you for taking along with us through this photos, I'll be swooning over many of the pieces you spotted there for the rest of the week.

    ♥ Jessica


    Adore your lovely outfit here, too!

  7. Oh I love that senorita print!! Looks like loads of fun!


  8. oh would love to visit that a seller of course I love the clothes but
    the knick knacks like little figures, vases and picture frames always suck me in too!

  9. looks good.
    Where is it ? We go to flea markets a lot , most of the time in the UK,Germany and the Netherlands.
    I never see dresses there from the fifties

  10. Oh this place looks like my heaven. Cannot believe you got all those slips for just a euro a piece, amazing! xx