Wednesday, September 19, 2012


Last Sunday was really sunny... we enjoyed probably our last summer week-end!

We were invited by our friends of a Luxembourg car club: The ACES DELUXE.

Fisrt it should have been a small BBQ between friends...

But it ended to be a place full of pre 60's cars!!!!

Most of them were customs.

We went there with our Lincoln, because it will be probably the last time of the year to use it as a convertible!

As you have probably noticed, I love to wear hats... that's why I will never buy a convertible car!!!

I was wearing this lace 50's hat and it was not easy to keep it on my head with top down...

Our Gormandizers friends were also there...

with their cars!

It was a all pink and fruits day for me...

Here is the fabric of my 50's set... Made of fruity silk fabric!

I like to wear this kind of ATLAS baskets for summer. They are bigger than usual 50's purse, that's a great thing!

My jewels were also a 100% fruity look!!!

All those cars came from Luxembourg, Germany and France.

There was also good music with a Rockabilly group.

Sylvain really appreciated this fire FORD truck.


Oh, I forgot to tell you that we also went to a nice flea market...

We find this 50's plastic basket!

A big thanks to all members of ACES DELUXE for this nice afternoon!!!

To finish, I will show you what I bought at this morming flea market.
My best deal of the day is this vintage bracelet, souvenir from Paris for 50 cents!

Did you spend a nice week-end?
What are your last best deals?


  1. That looks like such an excellent event! And, as always, you found many spectacular things at the flea market! I love your new bracelet, handbag and wallet and what kind of dishes are those? You both look fabulous!

  2. Those dishes are really neat. What are they for?

    1. Those dishes clings to the side of a plate and you can put sauce, bread ... in them!

  3. We are two peas in a pod! I swear, I'd said the very same sentiment regarding convertibles, too! :) Though, much as I adore vintage hats, I think the thrill of owning a vintage convertible would warrant having to put on a head scarf until I got to my destination every now and then :)

    Love your pretty outfit and the abundance of amazing vintage rides in the post. You always attend the coolest events!

    ♥ Jessica

  4. Wow there are so many amazing classic cars in France, it seems! :)

    Also, those little dishes are awesome - so cute and what a clever and useful idea too!

  5. oh i love that basket! such a good find. and those cars are gorgeous as always.