Saturday, September 15, 2012

DISNEYLAND Paris : Day 3

And the last day...

but not the least because we decided to visit the 2 Disney Parks! It's Disneyland Paris Anniversary... already 20 years!!!

This picture can make you think that we were alone to go inside...

It's absolutly wrong, it was so crowdy because of this amazing blue sky!

I have already visited Disney Parks in California and Florida, but our Sleeping Beauty Castle is my favorite!

I cannot tell you how many times we went there, lately it was once a year...

To speak a little bit about my outfit... I have bought this 50's dress 4 years ago in Los Angeles. I feel like a puff cream in it! But I get many compliments when I wear it!

When you are wearing huge 50's petticoat under a dress you have quite a princess complex, isn't it?

In Alice's Wonderland!

The tired pirat Sylvain....
It's always a pleasure to have a walk inside Disneyland...

We didn't do a lot of attractions because queues were endless!!! But as we tested them during one of our previous visits, it didn't matter...

I'm like a kid when it comes to Disney characters!!!

I was hunting for Chip and Dale (Tic & Tac in french), I love them and wanted a picture with one of them... and I got it, YEAH!

Discoveryland is Sylvain's favorite! Mine is fantasialand much more girly!

He had to make a race in these retro look cars!
It seemed to have a lot of fun!!!

I met my friend Minnie, we really have the same fashion taste!!!!

Dressing like I was many people tought I was an employee costume in a 50's way... Many kids asked me for a picture! I feel quite weird in this kind of situations...

We finished our day with a tasty Chocolate Banana Milkshake!!!!

What an incredible week-end we spent thanks to our friends and Mickey of course!

It was time to pack luggages to go back home...
We will come back for sure!!!!

Which land do you prefer in Disneyland?
Have you ever been mistaken for a Disney characters like me?


  1. Looks like you had so much fun. I may be going to Disneyland (the original) tomorrow.

  2. Your dress looks really lovely^^
    Can you tell me where I could get more informations about this festival? Which bands played and how much did it cost?
    Thanks a lot for this beautiful pictures^^

    1. It's not a big festival... it's only 3 days every second week-end of september. It's all free, except parks entrance of course. They choose about 20 vintage cars to park in Disney Village and you can hear rock'n roll while walking in shoppes. There are only 2 evenings with 2 to 3 rockabilly groups playing, all for free. It's them who organized that:
      If you are planing to visit Disneyland it's the dates to book, but it's not huge festival like the Rave or High Rockabilly!

    2. Thanks a lot for your respond. I have to write down the dates then and check back next year^^

  3. This makes me miss Disneyland more than I already do. Love the lavender dress suits you very well.

  4. You look so gorgeous in your purple dress and matching hat! I just loved all of the pictures-very nice camera work!! That chocolate banana shake made me drool! Thanks for sharing your wonderful Disney adventure with us.

  5. the dress is amazing and you look so beautiful

    Now I want to go to Disneyland Paris.looks really good.

  6. Oh my word, I adore you in purple! It's soooo one of your colours, gorgeous girl! And that floral hat, well, let's just say I'll be crushing on it for a long, long time to come.

    ♥ Jessica

  7. What a trip! Love the dress, similar to the one I wore the other day, that big collar is just so flattering. Looks like you two had a wonderful time.