Thursday, September 13, 2012

DISNEYLAND Paris : Day 2

Day 2 began with a bright sun...

I wanted to wear again this beautiful rose dress because I only wore it to go to supermarket...

There were many other vintage cars in Disney Village, mainly hot rods.

Sylvain fell in love with this amazing one from Great Britain!

We began to clean the car... in style of course with our matching cleaning gloves!!!

We chose to spend the day in Paris to visit some vintage stores.

Mamie Blue is my favorite ones!!!

So many treasures!!!!

Look at that incredible cape!!!!

Funny vintage drawing...

I would have bought those 2 dresses if there could be my size...

The owner of Mamie Blue, Brigitte, is just so friendly!

You would like to know if I bought something, isn't it? YES, of course! A 50's turquoise blouse and a 50's sweater!!!

And it was time to come back to Disneyland to enjoy free Rock'n roll concert with some friends!

Sylvain had an hair cut with Alex while listening to good live music...

You can also have retro look by going to his barber shop in Paris:
21, rue Rodier

I also visited some Disney shoppes. I really loved those vintage style ceramics, but they were so expensive!!!

The weather was so perfect with warm evenings!

We had the great pleasure to meet an old friend that moved to the USA last year!

A lot of people were there to listen to the live bands.

We enjoyed the concert from above....

Too tired to be stand in the crowd...

To be continued....

Have you ever visited Paris?
Do you usually leave vintage shoppes empty hands?


  1. Your rose dress is lovely. This looks like so much fun.

  2. Those two dresses were beautiful! The whole trip is looking fantastic! My husband and I are big Disney fans and when we go back to Europe one day we plan to spend a few days in Paris-I havent been there since the 90s!! hehe xox

  3. No, I've never had the great pleasure of visiting Paris, but it is truly on my bucket list (especially if I could time it for this amazing festival!).

    I adore your outfits here - the pink and black is soooo "me", too.

    ♥ Jessica

  4. Your trip to Paris sounds wonderful, I can't wait to go there again :) I would love to hear more about Paris' vintage shops as I don't really know how to search for them. Mamie Blue will definitely be on my "to visit" list next time.

    1. There are a few good vintage shoppes in Paris, I can give you some adresses but most of them are quite expensive. I think you know Sylvie from Fintage, I'm pretty sure she can give you some advice too!

  5. I love Paris! Vintage shopping is always hit or miss. I usually always leave a hat shop with a new hat box, though!

  6. Oh la la! J'etais la! Je travaille a disney et ce soir la on etait a Billy Bobs. Vous etiez tous magnifique. J'etais pas au courant de la soiree retro - cest trop dommage.
    Et Mamie Blue, je suis allée, mais j'ai trouvé un peu cher. Tu connais d'autre endroit sur paris?

    1. Oui, il y a pas mal de boutiques vintage à Paris, mais si tu cherches du 40's-50's, Mamie reste le meilleur endroit avec les meilleurs prix sur Paris pour des vêtements de cette époque. Sinon, il y a la brocante vintage à la Bellevilloise organisée par Fifties Sound tous les mois et là les prix sont moins élevés.