Sunday, September 30, 2012

ROB Vintage

We were invited yesterday for the opening of a new shop in Luxembourg: ROB Vintage.

It's a shop which will sell vintage design furnitures from the 50's to the 70's.

Designers' furnitures are not what we love the most, we prefer POPULUXE.

But there were some things like this wood monkey that I could take back home...
Modern design is often too simple, colorless... I prefer colorfull popular upholtries!

It's so rare to see this kind of shopwhere we live.

We had to visit. We also had nice chats with vintage deco lovers.

Let's talk a bit more about what we wore for this day...

I choose this early 50's dress.
My husband with his purchase of the day, a 50's modern design heater...

My purse was a lucite one bought in Clovis during our last US vacations.

Weather becomes colder so Sylvain began to wear again his wool shirts.

This dress is made of sheer nylon, so you have to were a vintage slip underneath (bought THERE).

I really love the color of this green lucite set with heart shape.

I bought this dress on Etsy for $19... it's pretty rare to find such bargain on Etsy!
This 50's hat was bought many years ago in THIS cars event.

My shoes are from the brand BALLY and were bought in a flea market for 1 euro.

These pictures were taken in our garden!

Did you often make bargains on Etsy?
Do you prefer Danish design or Populuxe?


  1. I haven't gotten too many deal on Etsy, I have more luck on Ebay. Furniture styles for me, I'm more 1940's, growing up with a Father who had a furniture refinishing business, we had more things from the 1800's to about 1940.

  2. I'm impressed. What great deals you found:) The dress and shoes are amazing:) I love how you and your husband are vintage enthusiasts together.

    1. Most of my dresses were more expensive but I usually don't spend more than $80 in an outfit on Internet. I can afford a bit more if I can try it and fits perfectly...

  3. I adore your outfit! The combo of blue, black and white is always a favourite of mine, too. Your hair looks so beautiful! Love how you're wearing a hat and a hair flower at that same time - very bold and beautiful!

    ♥ Jessica

  4. Lovely hat, but excuse me ma'am, your slip is showing!