Wednesday, June 5, 2013

LOST in the 40's...

I must tell you that Spring is finally here....

I was in a 40's mood this week-end...
I received this book last week. I already have the same one for the 30's and they are full of pictures to dream...
I found on its pages almost the same dress that I was wearing this saturday... 
What is interesting on this book is that you cannot only see HAUTE COUTURE clothes but also uniforms, day wear, hats... I just hoped for more shoes, 40's shoes are so Amazing!

Mine are vintage for the 40's, found in a german flea market...
No, I didn't find them... they found me... a lovely lady ran after me to offer me her mother shoes!!!

I bought this dress in my early Ebay days... it was NOS!
A perfect 40's coton dress....
Cute front pockets...
and puffy sleeves to die for!!! Unfortunatly, these kind of simple 40's dresses are so hard to find...
These sunglasses are from the 40's, quite cheap made of plastic.

 Did you notice my velvet hat?

 How to describe it? A turban? A beret? 

Just a crazy creation that you can find only in the 40's ones!

I have been searching for a plain 40's-50's jacket since forever and finally found it a few months ago. 

A real NEW LOOK flair!

My husband and I usually don't plan to match clothes.

So I chose 40's and he wore 50's...

But by chance we chose about the same colors...

Pink and black!!!

A little tip for guys who are looking for nice 50's thin belts... they are so hard to find, mainly in this lovely pink color! So my advice is to search in thrift stores in women belts!!!
Our garden is so beautiful with sun...
I must tell you a secret...

taking pictures for this blog take some time...

And we are often late or in hurry because of that...
and it was time to celebrate some birthdays that evening!!! 

Do you prefer 40's or 50's style?
Do you sometimes choose clothes to match your man?


  1. I'm a war years lover, but anything from the 1940s to the 1950s is my cup of tea. I just adore the print to this dress!! Egad!

    The Fictionista

  2. You are always so cute.
    Even here, in Italy, it seems that spring has arrived, so I took the opportunity to walk around to the sea.

  3. I'm a 50s girl at heart but when it comes to shoes and hats - I definitely prefer 40s to the 50s - the ankle straps and tilt hats are my favourite!

  4. It really depends on my mood. Lately, I've been in love with the late 40s early New Look style. You really can't go wrong with either decade though!

  5. Very cute! I wish I could wear pastels like you. You have great features for this. I love how you have a brooch that matches the pattern in your dress. What an amazing have someone run after you to offer you shoes lol! I like the late 40s and the early 50's. I also love the early 40's as well. I'm not a fan of the really large shoulder pads of the mid 40's but there were other elements I do love. I love a great puffy sleeve!

  6. I can't pick a favourite between those two decades - it practically feels like having to pick a favourite between two of your children. :) There are elements of both I adore, and no two decades suit my body so well, so I think I'll always split my love 50/50 between both.

    You look so, so incredible in this pretty pink frock! Love that classic black jacket - they can be tricky to find (especially at good prices). Congrats on this gem, it's so lovely and really looks great layered over a dress like this.

    ♥ Jessica

  7. LOVE! Oh you knew I would love it! Love the color and pattern and ugh it looked so comfy too! I love the blazer as well and its a must have for a 40s look. I still have yet to find one in my size. You rocked the 40s mama!!! xox

  8. Ha.. that's a no brainer to me: 40s! But then again, I'm a late 30s - mid 40s gal, and tend to hit a brick wall ca. New Look.... But I definitely enjoy oggling pretty 50s outfits on other people!

    Those shoes are incredible, it was truly fate they made their way to you. And the hat! I'd call it "open crown" (love those!), but I guess there are all kinds of open crown 40s hats, so who knows.

    Thank you for sharing your lovely outfits! Cheers;)

    xox Sara

  9. Ma préférence va sans aucune hésitation aux années 40 ! Même si je porte quelquefois des tenues plus 50's...
    EN tous cas superbe robe, vous êtes magnifiques comme d'hab' !

  10. Pretty in pink! This dress is gorgeous - what a great find that it was NOS as well! In general, I would have to say that I am more of a 50s girl, but I do love 40s as well - I just don't have so many clothes from the 40s... You scored with the black jacket - it's amazing how hard it can be to find classic, simple items of clothing!

  11. Is there a fifties version of that book? :)

    1. Not yet, but I hope it will be out soon! Already 20s, 30s and now 40s are published.

  12. Oh I just love your outfit (and your husband's of course)! The swallow brooch with the pink of the dress is just a perfect little extra touch, too!

  13. oh yes, these lovely colourful 40s days dresses are really hard to find here in europe. i think it depends on WW2. most 40s dresses i find are black and made from fabric leftovers. the typical dress to wear on a funeral in wartime. colourful day dresses in germany and france at this time got worn to pieces ...
    this is why i love my 40s cotten dress so much, it's black but it has a lovely colourful floral print. your pink dress is absolutely stunning.
    i kind of prefer the 50s style on me, because big shoulders doesn't suit me too good ... but i prefer to see 40s on others ;)'s everytime so inspiring.

    1. Yes, most of vintage european pre 40's are black... and hard to find because women had just a few outfits and worn again and again!

  14. Adorable! tu portes avec autant de class le 30, 40 ou 50... c'est un atout!

  15. You both look fabulous! I love the red flower, I love anything red, it's my favorite color. It's almost summer here in Sicily too, today the sun finally came out, but we had a real strong and chilly wind.

  16. Very lovely outfits as always!
    Do you have still pictures for us from the latest US trip or Viva Las Vegas? I hope so ;)

    1. Yes, I must still share some Viva Las Vegas pictures... I must find time, that's my biggest problem!!!