Monday, August 26, 2013

VACATIONS in VINTAGE : what/how to pack? PART I

Many followers asked me questions about what/how to pack to travel when you want to wear vintage...

So I will try to share with you my own experiences in this post and the next one!

I will describe what I take with me and how I packed my clothes and accessories.
For men, it's always much more easy....

It's easier to pack vintage clothes for summer vacations, when you know that weather will be nice!

So first, I don't use the same suitcases if we travel by car or by plane.

When we travel by car we use vintage suitcases, but by plane, AVOID them!!!! We have had really bad experiences while using 50's suitcases while coming back from the USA... damaged suitcases and even one time one openned and our clothes were saved only by a small strap!

I usually need almost a week to finish my suitcase...
I HATE to prepare it!!!

First I must know how many outfits I will need, depending if I want or have to wear one several times.

I always check what kind of weather we will have because if you need something when you have already left, it's too late.You will not find vintage sweaters, umbrellas, coat... in the next supermarket!
After that I choose dresses, skirts, blouses, pants, shorts... depending of the weather we are expecting. I choose a coat and/or and just one or two sweaters that can match everything if needed.

My biggest problem is that I often overdressed but when I'm on vacations I'm always a bit more lazy, so my advice is to choose comfy clothes! I often choose dresses that stay in my suitcase because I don't feel to wear them...

Before to valid an outfit, I try everything before departure to check if it fits well and also to check if it don't need any repair...

 but I must tell you that I always bring with me a small emergency sewing bag (needles, buttons, basic threads, safety pins).
I usually pack with me things that I have already worn at least once because I know how comfortable they are!

I always iron all clothes before to pack them because you often don't know what you will find in an hotel.

I heard that some vintage lovers roll clothes in suitcase to avoid them to be wrinckled... I have never tried, I only carefully fold them. The heavier ones on the bottom.

One usefull advice if you are travelling by plane with your man, don't use a suitcase for him and one for you!!! That's a big mistake because if your suitcase is lost (what I fear the most when I use plane!!!!) you will finish holidays naked or in awfull new clothes!!!! Mix your clothes with your hubby's ones and if one suitcase is lost you will have at least the half of what you planned!
What I usually do when I travel by plane is too pack my most beloved clothes/accessories in my hand luggages!
Packing for spring or fall vacations is not easy when you can have almost every weather: sun, rain, cold, warm! I don't like travelling in these seasons...

 I like to pack simple vintage coton dresses with short sleeves, they are so versatile, easy to pack with their light weight! You can wear them with a sweater and stockings for colder days or just like that for sunny ones! 

I will share with you in the next post what accessories to choose when you travel (shoes, hats, jewels, purses...) and how to pack them safetly.

Do you wear vintage on vacation ?
Do you have tips to pack your luggages ?


  1. I have been thinking about this topic as I'm going on a holiday to the South of France soon and it's good to hear your tips!

    When I visited America in 2011, I was there for just over 3 weeks but went to lots of different places. As a result, I knew what I was going to be doing/ where I'd be going on each day so I actually planned out my vintage outfit for each day! This might sound a bit silly but because the weather varied in the places I was going, it really helped me to not over-pack. Even though my upcoming holiday is not as long, I've already started planning my outfits so I don't bring too many things!

  2. Thank you for posting these packing tips! I'll be headed to the UK for close to two weeks in November and am dreading having to squeeze it all into one suitcase.

    Looking forward to your next post regarding accessories!

  3. I just love your bag collection! Very useful tips! I also agree...why wreck a vintage suitcase? They really do toss and throw them about.

  4. I just came back from 3 weeks in Israel and Palestine and I knew the weather was too hot, and my itenerary too intense to wear any true vintage. I brought a couple high waist shorts and a couple short repro dresses, but could not imagine dressing up to climb a mountain or walk through the old city!

  5. Great tips, I love those shorts on you! x

  6. My suitcase got lost this year on the way from Australia to Las Vegas for Viva - it was most upsetting! I will definitely be following your advice to share suitcases with my husband in future.

  7. Bon Jour! :) I flunked French so I probably don't know much more than that lol. My folks and also my late husband had some vintage 50's suitcases so I remember going on trips with those. They were a few yrs older than me. :) Enjoying your blog. I went to France once in the early 70's. My era is 60's and 70's but I find the 40's 50's etc stuff and blogs interesting to look at. You write some very interesting stuff. :)

  8. Thank you, I'll leave for high Rockabilly Spain next week and could definitely use these tips :)

  9. Laurence honey, I could just hug you right now! This post could not be more perfectly timed for me. One of things (aside from my health) that I've been stressing most about regarding our upcoming road trip next month is the packing. Though I like packing and generally enjoy it, I haven't packed for a trip in many years and am feeling quite rusty. Your post was just the inspiring pick-me-up that I needed to embrace the challenges and fun of doing so with a smile on my face. Thank you!!!

    ♥ Jessica

  10. Great tips - especially about sharing the two suitcases, instead of packing one each! I must admit that I really hate and dread packing, both before and at the end of a holiday....I also hate unpacking!!! :P

  11. Ha, great tip about mixing the clothes in 2 suitcases! I've never lost my luggage when travelling, but you never know...

    I hate packing too, I always over do it and only end up using half of the stuff :D

  12. Great legs! :) And the mixing suitcases is the best advice I've ever heard. Have a lovely weekend.