Wednesday, September 25, 2013

CASUAL VINTAGE to fight rain!!!

And here is another post under the rain....

That will let you see another vintage umbrella from my collection!
That was 2 weeks ago...
we went to a vintage car meeting with friends.
That was for the 75th anniversary of the Volkswagen Beetle.
I'm not a huge fan of the Beetle.
First they were produce for so long that it's quite a common car.
Moreover, a lot of them have been customized thru the years and I really prefer a classical look!
No rust but shinny chromes!
Unfortunalty, weather was sad, cold and rainy....
that's why I chose to wear for once slacks!

One more time Sylvain and I matched quite well without even planning it!
Saddle shoes are really your best friends...
to fight rain in almost every situation!
I like to wear silk turbans when I wear pants for a more 40's look.
Some readers ask me to make a tutorial about how to tie a scarf into a 40s turban... but I'm not really good in tutorials... perhaps next winter when I will have more time I will perhaps give it a try!
First think to note is that you will have a nicer result with a large scarf.

Silk ones are also much more easy to form!

And one more thing that you must know... it's like a hair rolls set... you will never have the same style twice even if you use similar scarves!!!

You can easily give different looks with a bow or a few curls, side or top decoration.... 
Do you know the australian designs from ERSTWILDER?
Those cute animals are so GORGEOUS? 
We love to picture details on our outfits...

 Every small pattern is so tastefull when it's vintage!!!

 The next few days sun finally came back but rain it's alredy announced for the week-end....

 Do you often wear 40's scarves as turbans ?
Do you like the VW Beetle ?


  1. i really love sylvan's jacket! and you guys look great, your looks compliment each other but aren't toooo matchy.

  2. you both look smashing..
    ciao ciao Christa

  3. It's interesting, isn't it, just how many birthdays the classic VW bug has celebrated now. We tend to so often associate it with the swinging 70s and free spirited 70s, that we forget it has roots stretching back decades further.

    You two look marvelous - red, white and black/grey is one of my most commonly reached for cold weather palettes. In fact, I wore it so often last winter, that at a point, I had to make a conscious note to reach for other colours, too - least people starting thinking those were the only ones in my closet! ;)

    ♥ Jessica

  4. you both look great as ever! your purse is absolutely adorable ...

  5. You look amazing! loving your style :)
    Vintage Inspired Girls

  6. Beautiful! You both look wonderful in red! Such an adorable brooch and gorgeous handbag. The best part about vintage is all the details! I adore your posts- Thank you for this great wintery weather one; it helps me think about my winter wardrobe! ;)
    ~xoxo, CoriLynn

  7. Only you two could make a rainy day so stylish. I love the outfits. Laurence, you've made me fall in love with ERSTWILDER. They seem to match perfectly with all your outfits. I look in awe at your 40's on earth do you keep the silky scarves on your head!?
    How cool to include VW's in your blog. I grew up riding in a 1960's VW bus. My dad took us kids everywhere in it, from Baja Calif. all the way up to San Francisco and Redwood Valley. Nothing but great memories. LisaO xoxo