Monday, September 23, 2013


I have already told you how much I like vintage umbrellas.

It's quite paradoxal because I HATE rain...
but the end of summer always means RAIN where we live...
sad weather when I must fight hard against myself!

When it is raining, I don't feel like dressing up...

I only want to stay comfy in pajamas in front of TV, reading magazines or surfing on internet....

After years of search, I have never find a nice vintage rain coat that can really protect me from rain... 
I like to wear hats for rainy days!
One of the biggest problem with rain is what kind of shoes to wear....
Most of the time you cannot choose fancy shoes or fragile vintage ones: no suede, no peep toes....
Clear suede means stains....
 Even the colors on these pictures are a bit sad with rain...
That's why perhaps I love vintage umbrellas...
Instead of nowadays sad umbrellas, vintage ones are available in about every colors!!!

With my collection (I think about 50 ones), I can almost match every of my outfits with one of these vintage beauties.
They look thin and fragile but can fight every kind of windy weather!
It's not that fancy for men's vintage umbrellas...
Gray or black...
plain or stripped... that's all!
But Sylvain always knows how to bring some colored touches....
What a gorgeous 40's tie!!!
Makes us think about Matisse of course!
One more time, I can constat while writing this post....

 that Sylvain and I choose the same main colors for our clothes... black and yellow... without even ask something to each other!

 Do you like rain?
What are your tips to give joy to a rainy day outfit?




  1. I hate rain too!! It always makes deciding on an outfit that much harder. But to overcome that issue, I bought some nice trench coats so that even if it does rain, at least I have a nice coat! Shoes, on the other hand, remain a problem!

    Love how you've matched your umbrella to your outfit, vintage ones are always so fun!

  2. I hate rain too. It always makes my hair go flat! And my hair is too short right now to do a cute structured style like you have.

  3. We only get two weeks of rain a year here in Los Angeles. I love it. It, I can understand its discomfort!! Love your dress!

  4. I looove your outfits in this post. And the Umbrella! This year, I found my perfect fur lined vintage 1950s rain boots

  5. I also have a great fondness for vintage umbrellas. You wouldn't think they would be so difficult to come by, but the "fashionable" ones are. I love the umbrella's that have stylish handles and I'm still on the hunt with one that has a nice bamboo handle.

  6. Vintage umbrellas are one of the many things I collect too! I just love them! One day I hope you might share your collection and the way you store them as you did with your jewellery!

    You and Sylvain look charming, as always! It's really lovely to see you two matching.

  7. I don't own any vintage umbrellas but I have several modern ones which I try to match to my outfits. The vintage ones always look so pretty,maybe I'll have to get hold of a couple of those as well.

  8. Hihi, I love my vintage umbrella as well, but then I never use it and stick to the small modern pocket versions. The old umbrellas just don't fit into any bag and I feel like Mary Poppins walking in vintage clothes and with a huge lacy umbrella through the world. :-)
    Love your hat as well; very pretty!

    xoxo, Saperlotte

  9. You two look wonderful!
    I love autumn, even if my hair falls completely flat as soon as it gets only a little damp. I don't need lots of rain with flooded streets, but a short autumn shower is so beautiful and smells so nice.
    And you own 50 umbrellas?! Wow, what a collection. I only own three, plus a modern foldable one because I am too scared to use the vintage ones when going by train, I am terrified of losing them.

  10. Oh I just hate the rain! I hate it with a passion! It makes it so difficult for me to motivate myself to leave the house! Which shoes to wear, how to make sure that my hair doesn't collapse etc. URGH! I am constantly on the look out for a long, warm vintage coat with a hood. Impossible to find!!!

  11. Rain or no, you both look amazing as always!! What a lovely brolly!
    It seems I've hopped on the vintage umbrella train myself lately. For years I've only had one, lovely peachy pink vintage one that came with one of those 'umbrella bags' know, those purses that have a little sheath on the side for an umbrella?...that belonged to my great-grandmother. But in the last month or so, I've acquired a light cocoa brown one and a black one with pretty white rhinestone studded handle, both of which belonged to a member of the Nachtmann family (of Bohemian glass fame). I feel another collection coming on!!

  12. 50 Umbrellas wow thats alot! I only have 10-15. I mostly hate the rain but I love matching the umbrella to my outfit. Your outfit is absolytly wonderful.

  13. I'd love to see pics of your vintage umbrella collection!! I love the details that you find on old umbrellas- the lovelty handles, prints and colors. We have a lot of rain in St Louis so I have a few pairs of vintage overshoes, a couple of umbrellas and rain coats but I'm with you- I'd rather curl up in my pajamas! :P

  14. i love vintage umbrellas. just last week being back in karlsruhe i won two lovely fun 50s umbrellas on a charity shop auction for just 2 €! sadlyx i put them into storage ...
    the shoe problem in wintertime ... phew! i already started to wear lace-up boots because of the rainy weather! this is sometimes kind of ruining a lovely look.

  15. J'adore cette robe! Et ce parapluie... l'ensemble est superbe!

  16. You both look fabulous! I find I have the same problem; I love vintage umbrellas, but hate the rain! As for shoes, I like boots from Irregular Choice, they have some nice vintage inspired choices. But alas! I never have found a vintage rain coat either! So frustrating!
    ~xoxo, CoriLynn