Wednesday, October 22, 2014

70 YEARS AGO.....

But what happened 70 years ago????

picture by Didier Vanspranghe

It was the libération of the area where we live.

Even if the D-day was in June 1944, it took a few more months for all our country to become free again.

So there are a lot of events that are commemorating this anniversary.

A lot of people are collecting military souvenirs.

They are even really accurate in WWII era.

But I must tell you that it's quite difficult for me to understand what they like so much about war.

Even if some uniforms are really well cut, I really prefer civil outfits and cars.

Much more joyfull and colorfull!!!!

We were invited to go to to an event in a town near home to commemorate his 70 years of freedom.

We drove there with my Chevy...

Quite anachronistic as it was "only" its 60th anniversary this year!

Sylvain was wearing a french 30's suit like what people were still wearing during the WWII...

Due to the fabrics restriction, men continued to wear their old clothes during the war.

 But those suits were so elegant and well cut!

French men's fashion of that era always turned around navy blue and black, no fancy colors like in the USA.

I chose a patriotic outfit to celebrate our country.

Time for this NOS 30's french dress to go out for the first time!

I also picked up some 40's patriotic jewels: "bleu-blanc-rouge"!

I regreted not to have a navy blue bakelite bangle... it's on my wish list!

That was also the first time I was wearing this crazy vintage french turban.

It matched perfectly my new dress!

Even if my car was not the perfect match, I tried to create an accurate 1944 look,

like that french girls who welcomed the G.I. 70 years ago!

I added a blue-white-red ribbon to my purse as they would probably do in 1944... 

I went out with my most beautiful shoes...

I love them but use them rarely because I fear to dammage them.

I found them NOS in a flea market in Paris years ago.

For once our outfits were fully french from hat to shoes!

That's not easy because as french people were really poor during and after the war, they didn't have a lot of fancy clothes... most of them were worn till death, so just a few survived and are still wearable today!


If you are not US, is it easy to find 40's clothes of your country?

Did/Will you have some commemorations for the end of WWII in your area? 

Si la date du débarquement est connu de tous beaucoup ont oublié que la France n'a pas été libérée du jour au lendemain, cela a pris plusieurs mois! Notre région a été libérée au cours des mois de septembre, octobre et novembre 1944. Nous avons donc pu assister à quelques commémorations pour fêter ces 70 ans de liberté, notamment dans un village à côté de chez nous. Pour cela, pure vintage français aux couleurs de notre drapeaux! Pas facile de trouver du vintage 40's par chez nous... au vue des restriction tissus et du niveau de vie des français à cette époque, les vêtements étaient souvent portés jusqu'à la corde, donc peu sont malheureusement arrivés jusqu'à nous! Seul anachronisme... ma voiture... qui a "seulement" fêter ses 60 ans cette année!!!
Et vous, avez-vous pris part à des commémorations pour les 70 ans de la libération?
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  1. One of friends was also there and I already saw some photos of you on Facebook and you look so good in that dress! And the colors are also very patriotic so perfect for the occasion. And the hat looks so cute! I love it.

  2. Cette voiture , quelle beauté !
    Le costume de ton homme est juste parfait et je n'oublie pas ton petit chapeau si mignon, en bref vous etes géniaux ;)

    Jespere que vous avez enjoy la commeration meme si en effet vos outfit&car sont carrément plus joyful ! ;)


  3. Le grand-père de mon mari avait fait le débarquement, plus haut en Normandie et on a été voir la plage où il était arrivé, c'était important pour lui.
    Mais moi non plus j'aime pas vraiment le kaki. ;s
    Super le costume de Sylvain et c'est fou une robe aussi ancienne toute belle, toute neuve!

  4. I love both of your outfits!! And happy Liberation day! I think some of the war memorial places in my city are having some events, I think I'll check one out if they do!

  5. You both look splendid, as always - Sylvain's suit is very dashing. It's a good occasion to get out your special treasures.

    It's not very easy to find 1940s clothes in Britain; 'make do and mend' meant a lot of things got recycled and reused. We do have plenty of wartime commemoration events, some specialising more in vehicles, but others with a more general feel.

  6. Lovely outfits! I live in a small town in the US, Oklahoma. It's hard to find much in the way of vintage clothing around here.

    I did go to a war museum in Oklahoma City last month and they have a lot of WWII items.

  7. Both of your outfits are incredible and I love that you colour coordinated by sporting blue. Each detail, accessory, and element is marvelous and really, really does channel a powerful mid-40s feeling.

    It's not very easy to find 1940s clothing where I live these days at all. Jewelry and some types of accessories are a bit easier to come by, but actual forties (or even fifties any more) clothes are pretty scarce, which is why I get the bulk of mine online and when we travel to big cities elsewhere that have actual vintage clothing shops in them.

    ♥ Jessica

  8. Wunderbare Fotos :)

    Hat sehr viel Spaß gemacht sie zu sehen, großes Kompliment für Euren Aufwand, welcher ja dahinter steckt dies alles zu machen.

    Liebe Grüße
    Björn :)

  9. you both look wonderful!
    i love red, blue and white as much as i adore your two tone shoes! so gorgeous!

  10. Lovely dress, beautiful shoes, and a fabulous suit for Mr. S.

  11. You look lovely, and for such an important celebration. You were liberated by the Americans, such brave soldiers. My uncle was not in D-Day but arrived a few days later, sadly he was murdered by the Germans in the battle for Caen. I visited his grave, near Bayeux, very emotional.

  12. Lovely photos! Bonjour de Montreal, Canada. I love early 1900's right up to the mid century. You have a very nice blog.

  13. Superbe broche Libération !!!!