Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Vintage NOVELTY skirt....

I really love 50's teenage fashion... 

even if I'm not a teen girl anymore!

One thing I really like about teen clothes is that they were really colorfull....

and also with great novelty prints, not boring at all!

If you are wearing a 24-26'' waist, you will find gorgeous novelty skirts.

But as I'm not even close to a teenage size, it's quite hard for me to find these kind of clothes.

So when I saw this AMAZING skirt just my size on Oh La La, the Facebook group, I didn't hesitate!

I really love its colors, theme and design!

Sylvain was wearing his favorite color: brown!

In fact I don't know if it is his favorite color...

but I have to constat that he often wears brownish outfits.

it's not a color that I wear a lot on me but I must tell that it suits him well.

To complete my outfit, I tried to select red, green and yellow accessories.

A 50's beret found in a local flea market,

I had never seen a plastic feather like that!

A few bakelite bangles...

and first time I went out with this early 60's wicker!

I added a vintage silk scarve,

 I mentionned in this post how I wanted to find other way to wear more of my scarves, that's a new way!

I also choose a fake fruits brooch from the 50's.

I will try to wear this skirt with a petticoat next time.

I have recently wearing less and less petticoat...

Am I to old for that????

And the last but not the least... my new shoes!!!!

They are from Miss L Fire, made of rich red velvet, their color is just breathless! 

They are from AW12 (probably my favorite collection from this brand), I found them new on Ebay this summer for half their original price !

You probably saw that there were some middle age knights on my skirt...

So how Sylvain could have matched that????

With his 40's tie of course!

All those pictures were taken in a city near home...

There are an area full of early XXth century luxurious houses.

Always nice to have a stroll there...

and enjoying every architectural details!

 Petticoat or no petticoat?
Do you like brown color?

J'aime décidément beaucoup la mode teenager des années 50, même si je suis bien loin de mes années collège... mais bon, étant également très éloignée de la taille de guêpes de ces gamines de 15 ans, il m'est souvent bien difficile de trouver à ma taille ces vêtements si gais et colorés qui évoquent cette période innocente! Alors pour une fois que je tombais sur une de ces jupes au design très school girl, je suis sautée dessus... de quoi construire une tenue aux couleurs super punchies et qui m'a fait oublié les premiers frimas!
Je suis forcée de constater au final que Sylvain s'habile souvent dans des teintes marron, sa couleur préférée? Je n'en suis pas sûre, mais ce son des couleurs qui lui vont bien.
Avec l'automne qui est enfin arrivé, quelle sont vos préférence vestimentaire pour donner un peu de gaieté à ces journées un peu tristes?
- A bientôt -  


  1. The whole outfit looks very cute, but the watch you have on is just splendid!

    1. Found in a local flea market for a few euros... a bit too big for me, but the design is so unique!

  2. I really like it without a petticoat . . . <3
    You look stunning!

  3. It might have been a teenage fashion trend but hey I am with you on this - can't go past a good novelty skirt! And oh wow you have accessorised your outfit amazingly! I definitely love the pop of colors and you look perfect from head-to-toe!! Inspiring!!

  4. C'est très mignon ou vous vous trouvez tous les deux !
    Hugs from Paris :)

  5. Congrats! What a great find, adorable novelty print!

  6. You both look fab as always. And I must say how I love that your neckscarf and bag pick up the colours from your skirt!

  7. I love this outfit. This is the great thing about novelty skirts, they really aren't just for teenagers anymore:) I hope you wear more because I love to see them. Wonderfully accessorized:) You both are perfectly matched.

  8. C'est merveilleux ces couleurs vives d'automne, incluant le brun! Les accessoires et la coiffure sont a tomber aussi; on n'est jamais trop vieilles pour les pigtails, les petticoats, ni quoi que ce soit d'autre qui nous plait!

  9. if i leave the house without a petticoat, i feel rather naked! so i actually never go without - but i use more 'thinner' ones. ... and brown is my absolute favourite colour for this fall. i think, i never wore that much brown before!
    so i totally adore sylvain look!
    but if, i don't wear brown, i try to fight the darkness during the short days which a lot of colour ... so, I'm in love with your bright outfit, too. i could kill for this fun 60s purse!!!! what an awesome piece!!!!

  10. Isn't it lovely to find something in just the right size? I'm plus size and use Etsy a lot, but I've yet to see a skirt as lovely as yours! I love the way you and Sylvain both had knights on your clothes.

  11. Oh, dear. I'm fifty and I still love petticoats, but have different ones. Some with little fullness for work and some with lots of fullness for fun. I love everything about your outfit, especially the details, like the arrow in your hat, the wicker basket in perfect colours, your watch - and your SHOES! Fabulous. :) Sylvain looks lovely in brown, but I don't wear it very often myself. I'm more into green. Wishing you a lovely day. :)

  12. Love! Love! the beret. What striking, vibrant colors you have on Laurence. Every detail about your outfit just POPS! Sylvain looks as dapper as ever. I really enjoyed this post. XOXO LisaO