Tuesday, June 28, 2016

An ABANDONED place...

That was a flea markets sunday...

but I must say that there are less and less interesting items in small villages ones.

Most of people are now selling children clothes and modern plastic stuff...

That kind of flea markets make me depressed!

But we managed to find a few things for cheap despite that...

While returning home,

we found this abandoned place...

even more abandoned because french soccer team was playing for the Euro at that time...

People are really becoming crazy in Europe because of soccer!

Sylvain and I HATE soccer, so we really don't understand all that crazyness...

But it was not a bad thing, we could be alone for a photo shoot!

A lot of people asked my on that day if I was wearing a traditional outfit...

No, not really...

My 50's novelty skirt was mexican inspired...

My vintage top is probably from Hungary...

My new Miss L Fire sandals also had a mexican flair...

Sales have just started in France so they were my present... to me!

As summer came and left...

Sylvain could go back to wearing a tie!

This 40's one has a really great design.

A sweater is still needed even with some sun...

So I could wear one more time my Emmy design one,

it can really match a lot of outfits!

I paired it with a cute Toucan from Erstwilder.

My hubby really likes this kind of industrial places.

He is fed up of nature on our pictures...

not easy to find a timeless background!

I don't like so much this kind of decrepit places...

but I must say that they can provide nice pictures.

A few words about my skirt...

it was in really bad shape when I bought it.

Probably made by a novice....

Pleats were unequal, waist badly sew and buttons were awfull.
But after some cares, it is breathless!

I bought those vintage salamander buttons in a thrift store,
they were made for that skirt!!!

Can you believe that I found the perfect matching bangles in a flea market on the same day?

Do you like this kind of background?
Do you like soccer and are you following Euro?

Ce fût un dimanche rempli de marchés aux puces... mais c'est de plus en plus difficiles de faire des affaires dans les vides greniers de villages... vêtements d'enfants, plastiques cheap à gogo, mais où sont les greniers bien remplis de nos grands-mères??? En retournant à la maison, nous sommes tombés sur cet endroit oublié... parfaitement déserté... probablement aussi parce que la France jouait son 8ème de finale pour l'Euro au même moment... Sylvain et moi détestons le foot, il est donc difficile pour nous de comprendre les réactions excessives des fans... mais bon, cela nous a permis de faire une petite séance photo en toute tranquillité! L'été étant parti aussi vite qu'arrivé, Sylvain a pu à nouveau arborer une belle cravate... et pour moi, un mixe de différents horizons qui m'a valu bien des questions!
- Bonnes vacances pour ceux qui y sont! -


  1. I love this kind of background !

  2. Love the skirt.
    Can't bear football, but daren't say so anywhere near where I live :(

  3. Great photos, I love the setting of the industrial site. I also adore both of your outfits (as always) and those buttons, and brilliant getting those neat bangles! Made me smile! We both hate soccer too, well really any sport, boring!

  4. What a cool location to shoot! I love these kind of quiet, abandoned industrial areas - there's something so beautiful and sad about them. Great looks, as always.
    Zella Maybe

  5. Sooo in love with this awesome outfit! That skirt is one of the loveliest Mexican themed ones I've ever seen (those baskets of fruit especially do it for me).

    I hear you on the flea market front. Granted, they haven't been rich for the pickings around here for many, many years now, but in the last one or two, they've become a near ghost town when it comes to mid-century wardrobe offerings (let alone ones that don't cost more than a brick of gold!). Hopefully some more lovely finds will come your way this summer at other fleas that you visit.

    xoxo ♥ Jessica

  6. You have cactus on your sandals!!! :) You two really are the masters of putting outfits together. And I can tell you that in Denmark what you find most on flea markets is also lots of childrens toy and clothes (and pure junk). But then you get even more happy and excited when you find something great. Have a lovely day, both of you. :)

  7. Bonjour Laurence,
    Oui! je suis avec toi en relation aux marches aux puces. Comme tu as bien décrit, je visite le marché le samedi à Treves et rien de rien...
    Apart de ça, bon, les sites industriels abandonés ne sont pas pour moi, c'est triste :-(

    Et le foot, uf! pas pour moi non plus!
    Je n'aimes pas le fanatisme autour du foot.

    Apart de tout ça, j'adore ta jupe mexicaine :-) et tu as bien fait en l'achetant pour après la donner un vie differente.

    Vous etez toujour bien habillés et les cravattes de ton mari sont magnifiques :-)

    Je vous souhaite un très bon week-end.

    Eva (from Luxembourg/Germany)

  8. J'adore ton filet à cheveux :3



  9. Je portais les mêmes bracelets aujourd'hui même!
    Très jolie jupe au passage!

  10. I love those shoes. They look comfortable too. I don't follow any team sports. To me that is boring. It's been quite a while since I went to any local flea markets or thrift stores that had a lot of good items. Yes, it is kind of depressing to see all the modern disposable junk.

  11. Wow! The skirt, the bag, the accessories! Love it!!!

  12. Salut, je viens de découvrir votre blog par Chronically Overdressed et j'adore! Donc je laisse à vous aussi un petit message pour vous le dire. Les lieux abandonnés sont magnifiques et vous aviez une belle lumière, les photos sont parfaites et les ruines font encore plus ressortir les couleurs et la beauté de vos vêtements. Nous aussi nous détestons le foot et ne ratons pas d'occasion pour le dire! Bonne semaine à vous. :-)

  13. I love these pictures! Your outfits are fabulous and I really like the setting too x

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