Sunday, July 10, 2016

SUMMER time...

It was long... but summer is finally here!

Yesterday was the perfect day!

Sunny but not too hot...

With a breeze...

Perfect weather to wear vintage!

We started the day with a flea market

and some vintage finds of course!

After that we enjoyed a lunch with friends...

in front of the beautiful cathedral of Metz.

The inside is also really amazing!

After that we enjoyed a stoll in the fields...

we could not stay inside with this so much waited sun!

I rediscovered this dress in my wardrobe...

I wore it at last year Viva Las Vegas...

and forgot about it...

that's the "problem" when you have so much clothes

that you can wear a different outfit every days of the year!

But what a pleasure to wear it again!

This dress was designed for me by The Black Pinafore,

from a 40's pattern,

buttons or fabric are true vintage found by me.

I like to collect vintage fabrics 

and dream about what to make with them!

Before you asked...

my shoes are from Rocket Originals.

Vintage hawaiian shirts are becoming really collectable...

so they are also often SO expensive!!!

A few good repro brands exist...

but finding a true vintage one at a reasonable price

is SO much better!!!

Sylvain was really happy to find that one!

I was not sure about its colors when he showed it to me...

Brown and orange... not my cup of tea...

But I must admit it suits him really well!!!

So blessed to share my life with him...

Do you sometimes rediscover things in your wardrobe?
Do you wear vintage hawaiian shirts?

Ca y est!!! Il est arrivé!!! Après s'être fait longtemps désiré, le soleil est venu illuminé notre week-end... au programme, marché aux puces, déjeuner entre amis, visite de notre belle cathédrale de Metz et balades dans les champs... je dois admettre que je possède tellement de vêtements que j'en n'oublie certains... mais quel plaisir de les redécouvrir après des mois... ce fût le cas pour cette robe réalisée sur mesures pour moi d'après un patron d'époque avec du tissu et des boutons vintage chinés par mes soins! Pour Sylvain, retour à ses chemises hawaïennes! Elles deviennent très collectionnées et donc chères et dures à trouvées... heureusement quelques bonnes repros existent, mais c'est toujours mieux quand on trouvent une pièces authentique et abordable comme cette chemise 50's!!! 
- Bonnes Vacances -


  1. This is so cute, I love the 50s

  2. It's so good to rediscover a dress, it's almost like getting a new one. It is such a cute dress, and your glittering bangles are awesome. I also think the shirt becomes Sylvain, and for once you don't match. ;) Have a great day. :)

  3. The dress is gorgeous I love debs work I never would have thought it was repro. I love the buttons too and the bag.

  4. As always so gorgeous. Love the colour of your dress, very pretty. Would love to see your vintage finds at the flea markets.

    1. I have shared our flea market finds on our INSTAGRAM profile!!!

  5. Fantastic outfits, guys! That dress is such a classic charmer. I've always been drawn to pinafore styles like this. They're so feminine and sweet.

    Big hugs & happy July wishes,
    ♥ Jessica

  6. What a wonderful dress! The fabric is so cute and the style and fit are perfect. I like your husband's shirt as well. I am actually a big fan of orange since my husband said it was a good color for me!

  7. Fantastique robe! j´ai pensé elle étais original, bon travail de Deb.

    C´est bizarre voir ton mari et toi n´avez pas les mêmes coloeurs, not matching this time ;-)

    Je vous souhaite une très bonne semaine,

    Eva (from Luxembourg/Germany)

  8. This icy blue looks wonderful on you!!!
    I always love your man's shirts ... this one is a little bold but it absolutly suits him. Love it. Hey, it's the men's version for a novelty skirt. ;)

  9. Such a beautiful dress! I thought it was original!