Monday, July 25, 2016

Visiting the PALACE....

You always think that you know everything around home....

but if you look a bit closer there are always new things to discover.

I have wanted to visited something for years...

but have always missed the good timing,

as it's not a place that you can visit all year long...

It's the palace of Grand Duke in Luxembourg.

The palace is still used by the royal familly...

mainly for official duties and work.

(They have another castle where they live in country side)

You can visit the palace in Luxembourg City during 1 month in summer
when the Great Duke is on vacation.

So this time we didn't miss this occasion to visit it!

The palace was nicely decorated and has quite a human size.

Sorry, pictures were not permitted inside...

We learnt a lot about history of this small country from the guide...

Here is one of the major personnality of the Grand Duchy:

Grand Duchess Charlotte, she lead the country during WWII.

She helped her country and fought the Nazis... 
you can find streets with her name all around the country!

Here is what I wore on that hot day...

I created an outfit around this amazing novelty skirt!

It was created for me from a vintage fabric that I found.

Perfect time to go out with my lucite sandals!

They can look unconfortable...but it's not true...

they are really comfy... 
except if you walk on those old cobbled streets!

This hat is really my favorite during summer...

found for 2 euros long time ago at a local flea markets!

It has a chineese flair...

so I think it matched well my asian skirt!

I choose that cute koala brooch for one more red touch!

This one is made of vintage galalith.

Sylvain is here in front of the Cathedral.

What a nice 50's 2 tones shirt!

Luxembourg is a really nice city that you must discover if you cross Europe! 

Have you ever been to Luxembourg ?
Do you often visit things around your place ?

On pense souvent tout connaître autour de chez soi... mais si on cherche un peu, on peu toujours découvrir de nouvelles choses! Je voulais visiter depuis longtemps une certain bâtiment, mais comme il ne se visite pas toute l'année, on a toujours manqué le bon moment... je parle ici du Palais Grand-Ducal de Luxembourg, encore occupé par la famille royale, il ne se visite que durant 1 mois pendant l'été. Cette fois, nous n'avons pas manqué le coche! La visite fût intéressante, le bâtiment est somptueusement décoré, mais reste à taille humaine. Le guide nous a permis de connaître un peu plus l'histoire de ce petit pays. Je vous laisse apprécier nos tenues pour cette chaude journée d'été en photos!
- A+ -


  1. Love your outfit, especially those awesome sandals.
    But your brooch is not a panda but a coala bear. And those are from Australia.
    Lovely greetings from Germany,

    1. You are right! My mistake, I was planning to wear a Panda brooch but I finally choose that koala for a touch of red!

  2. I am green with envy over your shoes!!! :)

  3. Beautiful outfits in a beautiful setting! xxx

  4. Your shoes are honestly some of the most jaw droppingly incredible, from any era, that I've ever seen. What an incredible way to round up a deeply beautiful outfit sported at an exquisitely lovely location.

    xoxo ♥ Jessica

  5. Wow! vous avez eu l´oportunité de visiter le Palace du Grand Duque.
    Bon, peut être j´aurais l´oportunité un de ces jours :-)
    Comme toujours, j´adore la manière vous vous habillez. Tes choussures, magnifiques!
    Je vous souhaite un très bon week-end et bonne semaine :-)
    Eva (from Luxembourg/Germany)

  6. What a place!!

    I love your outfits! Especially your shoes! And let's talk about Sylvain's top! It's marvelous!!!


  7. This is defenitly one of my favourite summer outfits of yours. Skirt, Blouse, hat and purse are amazing pieces each itself but they match perfectly all together. LOVE!