Saturday, June 25, 2016

Visit to the ZOO!!!

Summer suddently arrived 2 days ago...

almost 20°C more than last week!

Crazy hot day, but of course we wanted to enjoy this day,

even more because it's was a day off for me!

We chose to spend the day in zoo with friends!

Sylvain and I love animals so much!!!

Look at those cute damans!

It was a really pleasant day,

all animals had big enclosures with a lot of trees.

We fell in love with this little cute walabi!

You can feed some animals with special pop corn bought at the zoo.

But what to wear on a crazy hot day like this?

A lot of vintage beginner ask me: 

"But do you wear vintage in hot summer?"

My answer is a big yes!

I like to wear cotton wrap dresses in this kind of weather.

They are simple, pretty and light!

And you can add some fun accessories to make the outfit more appealling!

A large hat to protect my white skin from the sun...

Comfy shoes to walk all day long...

but even with them my feet hurt badly at the end of the day...

Cute vintage dices bracelet!

For this zoo day, I pick up this rakoon brooch from Erstwilder.

And you must have notice my cute new little friend!

I introduce you to Tobby my new wicker purse.

It was my birthday present 2 weeks ago.

No cheap but even Sylvain had adopted him!!!

That kind of crazy hot weather is also a problem for my husband.

He cannot wear ties!!!!!

So he must find fun in other pieces than 40's ties...

And what is funnier than 2 tones pants!!!

They are original from the 50's.

They were made to play golf.

And he managed to find the perfect matching colors shirt!!!

What do you wear on hot weather?
Do you like to visit zoo?

L'été est arrivé (et déjà reparti...) sans prévenir il y a 2 jours avec pas moins de 20° de plus que la semaine dernière!!! Nous en avons profiter pour passer une journée au zoo, Sylvain et moi sommes des fans d'animaux. Beaucoup pensent que porter du vintage par des températures pareilles est impossible, mais non, il faut juste choisir la bonne tenue! J'adore porter pour ces jours de canicule des robes porte feuille, jolies, simples et légères, elles sont idéales! Quelques accessoires bien choisis et on peut être élégantes et à l'aise. Vous avez certainement noté mon nouveau compagnon, j'ai reçu Tobby, mon nouveau sac pour mon anniversaire il y a 2 semaines... j'en suis amoureuse... et Sylvain l'a aussi adopté! Pour mon homme, pas de cravates vintage par des chaleurs pareilles... sa touche fun du jour fût donc ce pantalon bi-couleurs original des 50's!
- A+ -


  1. You both look smashing for your day at the zoo! I love your outfit, especially that adorable purse. Vintage is definitely wearable in the summer, although I do feel like it needs a little extra care after to take care of any sweat that might have collected.

  2. Cotton dresses are the best in the heat. What a fabulous birthday gift - a wicker dog purse. Kate Spade is way too expensive for me, but I drool over most of her purses. And now I've seen Sylvain naked (that is - without a tie! haha!). Those pants are fantastic, I love he is brave enough to wear them. Most men would shy away from them. Have a lovely day, both of you. :)

  3. You both look fantastic! Sylvain's two coloured pants are absolutely awesome and your new "pet" is the cutest thing on four wicker legs. What a beautiful, exciting birthday gift.

    Wishing you both a fabulous, fun filled summer!
    ♥ Jessica

  4. You both look super and how cute is your doggy handbag! I like zoos too, we visit them at least once a year x