Sunday, August 28, 2016



When I started this blog in summer 2011...

I really didn't know that 5 years later I would still post there quite regulary.

With up and down, this blog still exists and I'm quite proud of that!

As all my anniversary posts,
here is a resume of the past year on the blog.

You just need to click on the pictures for a link to the original post!

So if you missed some of them, it's your chance!!!

So what happened to us this year???

We traveled quite a lot with a trip in Eastern Europe last summer,

3 weeks in the USA for Viva Las Vegas

and Paris, Normandie, South of France, Belgium, Germany...

Once more winter was not the best season for good posts...

but this year I only choose to make pictures when I wanted to,

a lot of outfits didn't make it to the blog... with no guilt!

A lot of them were just posted on our Instagram.

I tried to experience new things in my outfits...

I wore more skirts that ever before,

I liked to experience a few traditonnal outfits: mexican, tyrolian...

I even wore for the first time western boots!

I was not afraid to wear twice the same accessories or sweater on posts if I liked them...

that was one of my big problem in the previous years...
only wanted new things for the blog!

but my wardrobe keeps growing....

that's why we made 2 new dressing rooms in our house this year!

We also met some new friends...

and flea markets are still our favorite hobby!

I think that it was quite a good year!

I was really happy to discovered all these posts again!

Yes, writing a blog is a LOT of work,

but when you see the result of a full year, I can just say... WAOW!!!

What was your favorite posts of this year?
When did you discovered our blog?

Et oui.... 5 ans déjà!!! Il était difficile de prévoir en cet été 2011 que ce blog serait toujours là après tout ce temps!!! Oui, un blog c'est beaucoup de travail, mais au final on se sent fier du résultat quand on fait le bilan de l'année écoulée! Comme tous mes posts anniversaire, il suffit de cliquer sur une photo pour revenir au post de départ. C'est donc votre chance si vous en avez manqué certains! Ce fût une année bien remplie, pas mal de voyages, de nouvelles rencontres, mais les basiques restent!
En espérant que vous aurez apprécié cette année passée en notre compagnie et que vous nous soutiendrez encore pour les mois à venir!!!
- A+ -


  1. I love your blog. As you share your style and your travels, I can live vicariously through them. it's always a treat seeing how Sylvain's put together style co-ordinates with your's Laurence. Your sense of colour and style bring brightness and fun into the world. Thank you for the past 5 years

  2. Happy blogiversary!
    I love seeing your beautiful wardrobe and your gorgeous cars. Is the bike Sylvain is posing with, his?

    1. NO!!! 4 vintage american cars are enough!!!!

  3. Oh my you are just tooo fabulous!
    I used to wear & collect 40's & 50's fashion too.
    Happy Blogiversary!
    (Have you ever done a tutorial on how to do your hairstyle? I love it! Is it a set on rollers? do tell!)

  4. And please never stop blogging <3 This is my favorite blog

  5. Congratulations!! Five years is quite an achievement. You truly have the most wonderful wardrobe, both of you xx

  6. All the outfits are always too perfect. I love seeing your colorful explosions in my blog feed :) Congratulations on 5 years!

  7. Happy blog birthday!! Woohoo!! Well done, love! Not a lot of us left so let's keep supporting each other!!

  8. Congratulations on your blog anniversary! xxx

  9. I adore all your gorgeous outfits and especially your amazing purses

  10. Congratulations to both of you. I have read your blog almost from the beginning and never miss a post, so I can honestly say that you can be proud. :) And TWO dressing rooms! Lucky you.

  11. Huge and immensely happy blogging anniversary wishes to you both! I discovered your site quite early on its in life and have delighted in following you here (and on social media ever since). You two are endlessly stylish, wonderfully inspiring, and so much fun to get to know through your posts. Thank you very much for sharing your sensational vintage filled world with us.

    Here's to the next year of blogging and many more to come!

    xoxo ♥ Jessica

  12. Congratulations for this achievement!

    5 years is quite a lot in the world of Blogging, some people give up, other continue.
    You inspire with your Outfits and travels.

    Keep being yourselves,

    Salutations sincères à vous deux et bon commence de Septembre.

    Eva (from Luxembourg/Germany).