Tuesday, September 6, 2016


We can finally fell Fall these last few days...

Mornings are colder,

it's still night when we wake up for work,

we can even already see some yellow leaves on trees!

Rain has also made its come-back!

So this NOS vintage umbrella

 made its first outing this week-end!

I found 4 of those at a flea market we went 2 weeks ago...

directly from a stock of an umbrellas shop closed in the early 60's!

This market was really HUGE!

The biggest one in Belgium, about 1500 dealers!

We needed more than 11 hours to see everything...

without even eating!!!

Yes, we are CRAZY!

I like when weather is not too cold but also not too hot.

I can add a jacket or a sweater to my outfits...

You can match a second color...

and it's better to pin a nice brooch!

A sweater can also hide what is wrong with a dress!

I have lost some weight recently...

Of course, it's a good thing...

 but it's also a big dilemma!

A part of my wardrobe is now becoming too big on me!

That's the case for this dress...

but wearing it with a sweater is a good solution!

You cannot see that it is oversized!

But that's a weird feeling... being happy to weight less...

but sad that some treasures don't fit anymore...

My hubby has never has that problem of overweight... 

still slim after almost 20 years together!

He eats much more than me,

 do no particular sport...

and it's me who is curvy!!! Not fair...

Sylvain also likes to be able to wear a jacket

but surely not to hide his curves

but with a nice square shoulders jacket

he can certainly feel thougher!!!

Is summer done where you live?
Have you ever had the losing weight dilemma?

Et voilà... il semble que peu à peu l'automne gagne du terrain... les jours raccourcissent, les matinées sont fraîches et les feuilles commencent à jaunir! C'est le moment de ressortir les sweaters et les parapluies! Je viens justement d'en acquérir 4 nouveaux neufs d'époque lors d'une incroyable marché aux puces il y a 2 semaines. 1500 marchants, la plus grande de Belgique, il nous a fallu plus de 11 heures pour tout voir et cela sans manger... oui, nous sommes un peu fous! Même si j'ai horreur de la pluie, cette saison est bien agréable... pas trop chaud, mais pas trop froid... mais un petit cardigan parfait à ravir une tenue et permet aussi de cachet ses petits défauts! J'ai perdu un peu de poids récemment et cela reste un dilemme pour moi... le plaisir de rentrer dans une taille de moins, mais la tristesse de nager dans vos robes préférées! Sylvain est bien loin de ces considérations, il garde la ligne et cela sans sport ou régime particulier... c'est pas juste!!!
- Bonne rentrée à tous -


  1. Such lovely photos of the pair of you!

    Autumn I creeping in here in Britain, I don't mind so much, I don't feel as though I am melting in my petticoats.

    I haven't lost weight as much as gained it, but thankfully only lost a couple of tops from my wardrobe. The silver Lining was being given an original fifties dress which wouldn't have fitted half as nicely had I not filled out a little xx

  2. I have had the experience of losing weight and then not being able to wear some favorite outfits. It's not a bad problem to have though, because then you feel it's okay to buy some more outfits! Unfortunately, I never am able to keep the weight off permanently. I had noticed in your pictures that you looked thinner, quite some time ago. No matter what size, you both always look so stylish.

  3. I wish I had the weight loss dilemma! Unfortunately I'm going in the other direction and outgrowing things.

    Your weight loss suits you (though you have always been a very well-dressed and inspirational lady), and think of all the new tresures you'll be able to find now.

  4. Exactly, I also love this changing season, not too hot and not too cold.
    I love when autumn begins and we have to say goodbye to summer time, I do not stand the heat that well.
    Yes, a cardigan can hide some little problems.
    Do not worry about losing weight, both of you look great like always!
    Have a great beginning of September,

    Eva (from Luxembourg/Germany)

  5. Thats a perfect change of season outfit

  6. I certainly know your dilemma! I really want/need to loose about 5 kilos, but I also love all my vintage dresses. You are right, a cardigan and a nice belt can do the trick. You look lovely as always, and you must have been exhausted after 11 (!) hours of flea marketing. Sylvain is a slim dish as usual. Have a nice day, both of you. :)