Monday, September 26, 2016


Yesterday was a bit special...

we welcomed back home our '59 Cadillac!

"She" was away for several months for restoration.

My husband imported it 22 years ago,

and we drove so much with it...

from Britain to Spain!

Even in winter, so "she" needed urgent care!

So we took my Chevy to pick up "her sister"...

The weather was just perfect

to drive a vintage car!

And here is my outfit for that special day:

2 colors that I used to never worn...

All this outfit was built around this gorgeous 50's skirt!

I used to think that yellow was not a color for blondes...

but I changed my mind...

pairing yellow with brown is just a classic!

I'm really surprised to see how many times 

I wore yellow shoes this summer...

Any vintage girl needs yellow shoes in her life!

My skirt had a music theme...

So I thought this copper set was just a perfect match!

I found the bracelet in an Antiques Mall in L.A.

and I found matching booch and earrings on Ebay.

It's fun to bring back a set all together!

I love that so frenchy purse!

And I can see that...

we matched again!

moreover he wore a brown jacket in the morning!

Yellow and brown...

and a touch of orange for him!

It took me many years to convince him

 to restored this car...

it was hard to find a trustfull person to do the job.

but now it's done, he is really happy with the result!

His Cadillac will be soon in the same condition than my Bel-Air.

Do you think that yellow can suit blonde?
Have you ever restored a vintage car?

Hier était un peu spécial... nous avons accueilli à nouveau à la maison notre Cadillac 59! Elle avait quitter notre garage il y a quelques mois pour subir un bon lifting... après des années de bons et loyaux services, elle avait bien besoin d'un petit coup de jeune pour nous suivre encore des années dans nos périples à travers l'Europe! Nous avons donc pris ma Bel-Air pour la chercher... Et une fois de plus, nous étions assortis!!! 2 tenues autour du jaune et du marron... bref, une bien belle journée!
- Bises - 


  1. Fabulous outfits! I think that yellow - especially this lovely lemon-y shade is radiant on you, Laurence. How exciting that you've fallen in love with yellow in recent times - just as it's exciting that your guy's beloved car is home safe and sound after its restoration work. Three big cheers on all fronts.

    xoxo ♥ Jessica

  2. So beautiful pictures!
    Liebe Grüße Monika

  3. Goodness, you lucky ducks to have this beauty of a Cadillac to call your own!

    There's a 1960 Cadillac near here, a pink one and someone in a car club we belong too has a 1958 model in white, but as lovely as they both are, you can't beat the 59 for those fins!

    And again you look beautiful and Sylvain looks very dashing xx

  4. Tenue superbe ! J'aime quand tout est soigné jusqu'au petits détails.
    Ces chaussures sont très jolies et j'aime le mélange jaune / marron (le jaune est ma couleur préférée en même temps). L'imprimé de la jupe est adorable. J'aime toujours vos tenues mais celle-ci est un gros coup de coeur !

  5. You look lovely wearing yellow, and the cardigan is so charming. I love your skirt and matching jools. And I am very envious of your vintage cars. Last week a woman drove into my vintage car and crashed it, so I am quite sure it is dead and I loved "him" so much. :( Sylvain is handsome a usual, I wish my husband was into vintage style. Have a great day, you two. :)

  6. And PS: Yes, we restored it all by ourselves ten years ago. My dad and dear husband worked their magic, and DH had just restored it again this spring, so I am really sad that I have to say goodbye. Dad is sure he can repair it, but I know it will be very expensive, and he is also in his early seventies now and have lots of other things to do, so I don't like him doing so. We'll see. I have a whiplash to cure for now too. I wish drivers would drive when driving, and not sleeping or fumbling with their damn smart phones.

  7. wonderful as usual! I have worn lots of yellow this summer too, but my new colour is brown, which I never used to wear!Maybe we become braver with age? My husband cannot wear pink, but looks good in peachy colours, odd isn't it? He has not worn his yellow trousers since we were on holiday in Italy many Years ago! I think it looks great on men! I love vibrant colours! Congratulations on getting your caddy back! They are both gorgeous sisters! x

  8. Oh, such perfect cars! :) You really go all the way with your style! Must be just dreamy to drive those!

  9. Sublime Laurence !