Thursday, September 15, 2016


We spent next week-end in Paris...

of course, we enjoyed a bit the city,

and visited some flea markets,

but our main goal was...



We were lucky with weather...

but a lot of people had the same idea than us:

enjoying the park under the sun!

Magic Kingdom and Disney studio were SO crowdy!!!

I became really nuts with all these lines for attractions!!!

We have been many times to Disneyland...

so we know quite well all attractions.

But I didn't want to miss "Ratatouille"

that we never experienced.

We had to wait 80 minutes!!!!

The show was nice but REALLY too short for 1.5 hour of waiting!!!!

So we decided to just enjoyed the outside scenery!

Here was my outfit for this special day:

you cannot wear a plain dress to visit Mickey!

This 50's circle skirt was my MASTER piece!

I was feeling a bit like....

this dancing hippo!!!!

Even if we are usually not buying anything...

I love visiting all shops in main street!

And this time I treated myself....

with this lovely Minnie's pin!

It was so hot that Sylvain couldn't wear anything else

 than a hawaiian shirt!

This castle is just so beautiful...

it's really the symbol of this Magic Kingdom!

We had almost the same success than Disney's characters among visitors!

So many of them asked them for pictures!!!

Even if we could not enjoyed a lot of attractions...

I was happy to be able to visit my favorites!

The Small World...

and the Phantom Mansion!

At that time of the year, a lot of places were closed for restoration...

that's a shame when you see the price of the entrance!!!

Fortunatly we had discounted tickets.

In fact we chose that week-end to go

because of the rock'n roll Disney festival!

Some nice cars are displayed...

we have been there with ours vintage cars 3 times already...

There are also free rock'n roll concerts for 3 days!

And you can enjoy a real burger at Annette's diner!!!

Have you ever been dissapointed with Disneyland ?
Which ones have you already visited around the world?

Nous sommes montés à la Capitale ce week-end pour quelques jours. Au programme: un peu de tourisme, du shopping et le but de notre visite: Disneyland! C'est toujours un plaisir de se rendre àdans "l'endroit le plus heureux sur Terre", surtout sous un beau ciel bleu! Malheureusement, nous n'étions pas les seuls à avoir eu cette idée... je ne crois pas avoir jamais vu le parc aussi bondé! La seule attraction que je ne voulais pas manquer: "Ratatouille"... bilan 1.5 heure d'attente pour 5 minutes de plaisir... au final, un peu déçue car bien trop court! Nous avons donc pris le parti de simplement nous balader et profiter des décors magiques! Nous avons tout de même pu visiter 2 de nos attractions favorites: Small World et la maison hantée. Nous avons fini la journée en beauté au festival Rock'n Roll Disney avec au programme voitures US et concerts gratuits!
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  1. This whole post is wonderful! You both look gorgeous and the backdrops just make everything look even more amazing! The cars are an added bonus, I would have loved to see that Corvette.

    I have never been to any Disney attractions, in fact, I have never left Great Britain xxx

  2. "You cannot wear a plain dress to visit Mickey" Love that line and how very right you are. A trip to Disney practically begs for an outfit that pulls out all the stops and both of your wonderful looks here deliver on that front big time.

    xoxo ♥ Jessica

  3. Le manoir hanté et Small World sont aussi mes attraction préférées! J'adore vos tenues, j'ai toujours difficile au niveau des chaussures lorsqu'il faut beaucoup marcher pour trouver quelque chose de confortable et élégant. Vous m'avez donné envie, j'irais le mois prochain! :)


    Miss Adrén'Aline

  4. Oh, dear, you certainly do NOT look like a dancing hippo! No wonder people wanted to take your photo, you both look so lovely. 80 minutes!!! That's too long to wait in a line. But it looks like you've had a lovely day. :)

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