Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Around my new BRACELET....

We had a quite nice week-end...

but with nothing really planned.

That was not a bad thing as I was a bit tired with all those travels in the past weeks!

So here is what we wore to go to... grocery store!

As I have already mentionned in this blog...

I build my outfit around one accessory or a piece of clothes that I really want to wear.

This time it was this GORGEOUS bracelet!!!

It's a creation from Marie-Christine PAVONE.

It is made of galalith an older plastic than bakelite.

I found it in a small shop in Paris...

Not cheap but I fell in love immediatly!!!

So my outfit had to turn arount purple and green... 

Nice that I could also wear 2 of my new finds from our parisian trip!

This white polka dots scarf and

this SO nice bakelite brooch!

My dress was a simple 50's cotton one.

One more touch of purple with this vintage purse...

and a touch of green with these Miss L Fire shoes!

I love to create the perfect combo for my outfits,

it's like making a puzzle together!

I think my husband has the same feeling.

You will one more time notice that we matched!!!

So I asked Sylvain why he chose these colors.

He told me that he was perhaps influenced by my outfit...

as I prepared mine earlier in the morning!

Do you know a lot of men that will wear purple???

I think that colors like this one or even pink look good on men...

I'm happy to see that my hubby wore them with style!

I hope that I will be able to wear my new bracelet again soon!

How do you buid your outfits ?
Do you like pink and purple on men ?

Rien de bien excitant le week-end dernier, mais cela fait du bien de se reposer de temps en temps! Voici donc nos tenues pour... aller faire les courses!!! Je voulais absolument porté un nouveau bracelet trouvé lors de notre escapade parisienne... jolies couleurs, mais pas faciles à assortir: mauve et vert! Voici donc l'harmonie que j'ai trouvé pour mettre en valeur cette nouvelle acquisition! Vous remarquerez que Sylvain et moi sommes à nouveau assortis... je lui ai donc demandé s'il avait "copié" comme ma tenue était prête dès le matin... il semble qu'il se soit inconsciemment laisser influencer! Un homme portant du mauve avec classe, ça ne court pas les rues!!!
- A bientôt -


  1. Everything is beautiful... but your shoes are magnificently beautiful!

  2. Very much so - and to my delight, Tony is a big fan of wearing both of those colours (especially purple).

    You two look so awesome! I frequently build my outfits around a single garment or accessory, too, and have used something as small as the colour of my shoe laces as the jumping off point for an ensemble.

    Wishing you guys a stellar start of autumn!
    ♥ Jessica

  3. You look incredible! Both of you. I absolutely love purple and green together. My husband has a pink mohair jumper :)

  4. Ton bracelet et ton sac sont bien trop cool !
    Et que dire de la cravate de Sylvain : j'adore!
    Super bien assortis vous deux, comme d'habitude :)



  5. I love your dress and purse and bracelet and shoes and ... Just everything about your outfit! :) If you ever get tired of your wardrobe, do contact me since we wear the same size. And Sylvain is such a darling to put together a matching outfit. I don't know any men who would do so. And he wears everything with style. Have a lovely day, both of you. :)