Saturday, December 3, 2011

A new girl at home....

Wake up at 5:30 AM today... but the weather was really awful: cold with rain and wind!!! It was hard to be motivated to go outside so early. Fortunatly today flea market was an inside one! It's a nice monthly flea market but often expensive so we were not expecting any amazing finds... but we find her!!!!(for a really affordable price...)

An amazing late 40's model!!!!!!

She's not in mint condition, but I would say in very good condition, and will need a good cleaning, but it's so rare to find this kind of mannequins, they are so fragile because they are made of plaster. You can find sometime some busts or heads but complete "full lenght" ones so hard to find! The only one for sale I have ever seen was really expensive, it was about 10 years ago and I was still a student so I missed it.

She is from the brand "Siegel" made in Alsace (north east of FRANCE), this brand still exists now but associated with another famous brand "Stockman"... Her eyes are so beautiful,they are green and made of glass. I dream and imagine her in the 40's in a window display!

Let's dream a bit together...

But these one is now at my home... I must think about a name for her... She was the biggest purchase of the day but not the only one!!!

A seller GIVE me 3 hats from the 30's for FREE!!!
I find some vintage belts and my husband fell in love with this little dancer paint and I found a lot of 40's-50's costume jewelery!

I also find a cute white 50's bag.

We have definitively not the same clothes size so I will have to buy some cute 40's dresses for her, she cannot stay naked like these. Another good reason to buy more vintage!!!!

What do you think about my finds?
What would be a cute name for her : Suzie, Capucine...???


  1. Your finds are so adorable! I love the custom jewellery and of course your mannequin. I'd call her Marlene, somehow I just think she looks like a Marlene ;-)

  2. Wow! What a beautiful find, how lucky you are to have a complete, and so well preserved mannequin!


  3. WoW! I´m sure you´ll find some great dresses for her! She looks like Judy Garland, but with Dietrich eyebrows :-)

  4. I clean her today and find a name on the back, so it's EVA!!!!

  5. Unbelievable! What a great find! It was so worth it to get up so early!! You know that saying: "Early Bird gets the worm" :)

  6. What a beautiful find.She is gorgeous.Chanel would be a pretty name for her.She looks so glamorous.xx

  7. I just found your blog by chance and I'm really excited about it! It is full of inspiration, wonderful things and amazing discoveries, Oh, Lady, how would I live in your place .... you show pictures of incredible things. Love your adventures!

  8. So gorgeous! I will try to not be envious because I wouldn't have the space for her, but I am, anyway! :)

  9. Thanks again for all your compliments!!! I sometimes ask myself "why do you take so much time for this blog??? Is it worth it?", it's a definitive YES when I read your king compliments!

  10. She is wonderful!!! What a lucky find!I was impressed when I thought she was a hat model, how super for her to be full sized!

    Maxine x

  11. It's quite impossible to put a hat on her head due to her hairstyle... I will have to find pretty dresses for her, it will not be easy with her measurements 34''-19''-34''!

  12. Great finds! And the hats!! Its great when the vintage gods smile at you, no? :)