Thursday, April 19, 2012


And let's continue with my vacation summary!!!

After a few days in San Fransisco, it was time to drive to L.A. We made some stops on our route to SHOP of course! Berkley, Oakland, Fresno, Clovis and Bakersfield.

We visited a lot of Antiques Malls with so much things to see.


Old town Clovis is a great place to shop with cute antiques stores.


I found this cute lucite purse there for a good price.

We also made a stop at Fresno.

I love these kind of small towns with a lot of vintage buildings seems to be peaceful...


And it was time to visit all Antiques Stores in Bakersfield.

We were looking for a nice kitchen set (table and chairs) from the 50's but we didn't find what we were looking for. All those vintage stoves are also something that we are dreaming of because we have a french one but it's not the same scale...

We also enjoyed american breakfast!!!

Vintage clothes are really less expensive in these kind of stores than in vintage clothing shoppes. I bought this swing coat and this 40's purse for less than $35!!!

The former Woolworth is a place to visit: a nice building with a lot of goodies inside!!!!
Its 50's diner is still serving meals!

I bought there the hat I was wearing on the next pictures...
My husband were hunting ties of the 40's in every antiques mall. Here are those which he brought back home...

And I wait the end of this post to show you my best find of this shopping trip... it's this cute 50's TV lamp. I give it a name "Noisette" (Hazelnut in english), the light come from his ears, eyes, tails and hazelnut, LOVE THAT!!!


Are you making trips only for shopping ?
What do you think of "Noisette"?




  1. Ui, Noisette is such a cute little treasure. Love her^^

  2. Ahh, Noisette is sooo cute! You have such great shopping luck wherever you go, great that lucite purse!

  3. Great photos as always! I love little 'Noisette'- so cute... and what a fantastic selection of ties too!

    Tupney x

  4. Ah! I'm so jealous of your trip! Looks fantastic - and you got some fantastic things! I love Noisette!! Lina x

  5. You two never cease to amaze me :) Awesome finds! And I commented on FB but I still love the fact the Fox theatre sign has Chris Isaak on the fitting!

  6. Wow, that TV lamp is so cool! We got to meet Sylvain in Las Vegas, but we did not have the pleasure of meeting you. Your blog is absolutely beauitful. This makes me want to explore my home state of California!!!

    1. I think I saw you with this beautiful chineese hat at VLV! I think we will be there again next year so perhaps we will be able to meet!
      It's always the nearest places from home that we know the less....

  7. fantastic post and fantastic finds- awesome!!

  8. This is such a wonderful post, your adventures look like such fun and you bagged some real baragins. xx