Saturday, April 28, 2012

Busy sunny day!!!!

Today another wake-up at 5a.m.... Flea Market time!!!!

It was not a so big flea market today probably because it's spring now and there are so much events on Sunday!!!

I found an incredible box full of vintage hats from the late 30's, early 40's and some dolls hats. Unfortunatly, this box was not well stored and all hats were in pretty bad condition... A few models were incredible!

Sylvain is always interested with vintage records but it's pretty rare in France to find good swing music, doo-wop and rock'n roll!!! In north east of France it's often german folklore.... 

I bought this pic-nic box from the 50's to keep cool our future summer outside meals!!! It made of steel and leather for the handle.

I found some vintage magazines and some other small things!

And after this flea market, we went to the thrift store whe I bought this mannequin a few month ago.... It's not a really good thrift store, sometime I can find one or two earrings pairs, absolutly no vintage clothes and everything is quite pricey!!!!

But today, some furnitures were waiting for us!!!! We have absolutly no room anymore at home for such items but they were SO FANTASTIC!!!!!!!

A full set, the table and the chairs will need a small restauration but I think they are worth this care!!!

We will need to find a place for this incredible find!

Moreover, after buying this set, we saw this plate in each piece of furniture!!! So exiting!!!! At home I check who was GERARD GUERMONPREZ and it was a french designer of the 50's... And now, my question was... "What is the true value of this set???????"
I found this estimation on internet only for one of these pieces!!! Wow!!!!!!!!!!!! It's far, far, far away from the price we paid....

And it was time for a BBQ party where I met a new friend.... MOKA!!!!

It has been the first sunny day since our US trip so we HAD to go out with one of our vintage car... Our spring is quite awful for the moment!

I wore on this beautiful spring day a 50's nylon dress...

and the 50's hat I bought here!!

My bag was bought at VLV car show this year.

You can see my secret on this picture, I need a pillow to drive my Chevy....

There is a lot of vintage industrial buildings like this one in our living area because there were so much oal and iron ore but now about all of them abandoned...

So it was a really busy day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Do you have a nice spring where you live ?
Do you like design furnitures or populuxe ?


  1. I love seeing all your photos.... such neat finds, and you both look fabulous!! And your car, oh my! Such a perfect aqua color!

  2. WOW! Great score on that furniture set!!!!! We just got an atomic hutch for a steal at a garage sale and now I'm eager to find more...I should be so lucky to find a set of furniture like YOURS! Love the picnic basket, too!

  3. superbe la salle a manger 50's!j'envie votre chance!

  4. I love seeing your photos! Great finds too- the furniture set is amazing- golly! I see you picked up a Knitting book too (know here comes the BIG ask!...) would you be able to help translate one of my French patterns for me that I'm desperate to knit? No worries if not, but it's always worth asking! Tupney x

    1. Yes, it's OK, I can help you! I don't know how to sew but if you can take a picture of the text, I can try to help you. You can write me at: brucker_laur{at}yahoo{dot}fr

  5. I adore your outfit and your car! I love the little finds and the furniture is so cute! XxxX

  6. Great finds! Especially the furniture... I dream of having somewhere to put furniture and homeware, but as a language student I unfortunately move around a lot.

    Spring has been miserable here in Hamburg too, until this weekend - now it's beautiful! Let's hope it continues!



  7. Genial les meubles! Félicitations! Je suis sure que vous trouverez de la place.

  8. You two look so glamorous! What a fantastic find, that French dining set. How neat to find something 'local'. The recent daybed we purchased it turned out to be from Chicago, which was pretty neat.:)

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