Sunday, May 6, 2012

CRAZY about PLAID !!!

And here is a new outfit simple post... I'm also preparing my post about us at Viva Las Vegas but I have so much pictures that it takes a lot of time to choose the best!

So here is a new dress just received from Ebay.
It's a late 40's coton dress.

My husband wore one of the 50's jackets he bought at Viva. He found so much nice clothes there, vintage for men is really harder to find!

These kind of everyday dresses are just what I love the most. Easy to wear, comfortable but so elegant!!!

I already told you that one of my favorite color is red in this post but my other favorites are PURPLE and PINK!!! That's why this dress seems so perfect to me...

The shirt that Sylvain is wearing was bought in Honolulu at Aventi, a silk shirt, copy from a 50's one. Original ones are now so expensive and hard to find in good condition!

This purse made of straw and lucite is one of my favorite. I'm also proud of my confettis bracelet!

Flowers are out but the weather is still not a spring one...

I must also say that I LOVE plaid fabrics!!!! I have a lot of them, they can be worn in Winter or Summer and they are always looking good!

Pink is sometimes hard to wear for a curvy girl. You can easily look like a chubby doll or a pigglet.... I like to wear pink with a darker color like black or dark purple.

A vintage sweater and a coton dress is perfect for this kind of changing weathers.

Do you love plaid fabrics?
What do you think about pink and purple?


  1. I love this dress! Plaid is awesome!

  2. Love plaid fabric. But I have to agree about the pink and curves. I don't like pink because of that - plus my orange/red hair is making it really difficult to combine with pink.
    But your dress is more purple than pink - and it looks gorgeous^^ I love how the fabric builds this nice shape at the back of the top. You look fantastic^^

  3. Definitely a plaid gal! I have only found in more recent years that I appreciate more girly colours- for the longest time I avoided anything pink or feminine... but now I am a fan- but like you I need a shade of something stronger with it... PS I wish spring would come and winter would go away!!

  4. That dress is so lovely and it looks great on you. I love plaid fabrics but have a hard time finding color combos that I like. Most of them are very seasonal like for Christmas or Easter.I'd love to find a nice red and black plaid but I haven't yet.