Thursday, May 17, 2012


And here is the last post about our american trip... the last but not the least! VIVA LAS VEGAS !!! So much pictures that I take one month to complete this post...
I choose to put only pictures of us and friends because I have so many pictures of groups and cars.... I think you have seen these kind of pictures everywhere, so let start this long, long post!!!!
It was our second time in VLV, we already went there 4 year ago.

Of course like a lot of "rockers" we visited all Antique Malls in Vegas...

We had to make some economies so that's the way to sleep for cheap in VLV...

It's like a big vintage fashion show where everybody want to show the best of their wardrobe!

Not easy to be perfect after a trip of 2 weeks and with only a small suitcase....

We spend a lot of time with our finish friends. VLV is such a great place to meet people from everywhere!
I was so COLD in the Orleans why do they need to have so much air conditionned... it was impossible to wear short sleeves!!!!

I was wearing on the first evening my new purse just bought in Pasadena flea market.

With our american friends Benny and Jenny!

Sylvain was a crazy shopper in Vegas!!! And he found so much nice things: jackets, suits, sweaters, ties.... I was always behind him to tell him that we had to come back with plane and small suitcases... I did'n' buy a lot there :-(

We met so much nice people.... You can find about everything in style at VLV: pin-up, punks, rockers... but there are also true vintage lovers and it's what I was pleased with!
Sharing a drink with my friend Sylvie!

And it was time for the car show!!!!

It was really better than 4 years ago...

Some classic cars, some old school rods and customs and really less awfull rat rods!!!

We also made some shopping at the car show flea market....

My friend and I just matched perfectly exactly the same colors...

And it was swimming pool time!!!!

I bought this play suit in London Candem market 3 years ago and it was the first time I wore it!

It was so hot on Saturday, so why not a good ice cream!!!!

Our friend Benny and André were always so well dressed!!!!

Do you think I had to buy these crazy 50's glasses????

And it was alredy the last day... Sylvie and I chose again the same colors but without telling each other....

The slides show of Charles Phoenix was so great!!!

Why not a good froozen pinacolada at the pool!!!

It was Easter so I was wearing my chicken and eggs skirt!

And for the last evening, I was so tired and ill that kept my day outfit!

What a nice week-end we spent!!!!

I was afraid to come back at VLV because some people told me that it had been not the same since it was in the Orleans. It's true that it's bigger with some strange looking people but you can also meet bunch of nice people while shopping vintage with good music!

We will be there next year and we will be also at 2 friends weddings in L.A.! Hope to see you there guys!!!!

Have you ever been to VLV ?
Will you be there next year ?


  1. Cool tes photos. J'y serai aussi l'année prochaine, on s'y croisera peut être ;-)

  2. Ah, it looks like you had an amazing time.

  3. I want soooo much to go there next year now that I have seen your pictures!

  4. Super photos! Nous y serons aussi l'année prochaine! Avec vous?!

  5. A propos, mon blog continue...