Tuesday, May 15, 2012


Sunday is of course a flea market day!!!!

It's my first outside flea market of the year!!!! The weather was so bad lately...

Spring is there but it's still so cold in the morning!

So it was my last chance to try on this 3/4 sleeves dress.

I really love this 50's brooch, it's made of plastic but the shades are so lovely! Flowers and animals are my favorites themes for brooches.

And here is Sylvain with some of our finds...

Always so elegant, what a lovely husband carrying all heavy things!!!

The best find of the day is this 50's chair in great condition, must be german made.

And you can see the beauty of this dress....

Another dress with what I love the most: pink, purple and plaid!!!! I lost some weight 2 years ago and now I always choose clothes too large for me when I order online but this one fit just perfect!!!

Just love the design of this one: 3/4 sleeves, high colar, buttons from top to bottom, nice pleated skirt, it gives a real secretary look, isn't? It's also really victorian era inspired I think.

I was wearing my new sunglasses for real then... I bought the hat there and wear it also for the first time.

For a small flea markets we found some lovely things and nice music to listen!!!!

Are you collecting vintage records?
Have you some size problem when you order online?


  1. You look great as usual and I love the picture of your husband carrying stuff!

  2. That chair is amazing!

    Love your outfit, and the photos in front of the flowers are just breathtaking. :)