Sunday, May 13, 2012

50's cat eyes glasses

Some of my dear readers must have noticed that I need prescription lenses. I often wear contact lenses because when you are already wearing a vintage hat, some flashy costume jewels and a wonderful dress, wearing 50's cat eyes frame is sometimes too much...

But of course I also wear vintage precription glasses and yesterday I received 2 new vintage pairs!

The first one is these blue 50's glasses. I bought them one month ago at Viva Las Vegas.

I love the nice details on 50's glasses: rhinestones, colors, stunning design...

Just a details of the dress I wore, look at those cute pockets!!!!

And here is my second new pair and the best about them it's that my optician made them for me for FREE!!!! He told me it's always with a great pleasure that he can work on these amazing vintage pieces!!!

These ones are french and was bought in a flea market in Belgium here. When you are wearing prescription glasses you need clear ones but also prescription sunglasses!

Look at these pearl effect and at the branch design!!!

You have perhaps notice my shoes, I really love them! They are repro from Rockets Original. I like this brand, the only flaw that I see on their repros is that their soles are made of plastic.

Here is my first pair of vintage glasses, I bought them about 7 years ago on Ebay. It's really difficult to buy glasses online, you can not see if the style, the color or even the size can fit your face! You must check and ask for all measurements and check with your actual pair.

But I was lucky with these ones, they fit perfectly!!! They were made by SELECTA sold in the USA but made in FRANCE because my country was the world largest producer of frames in the 50's.

When you are blonde with clear eyes, it's better to choose light colors. When I try on dark frames I look like a harsh teacher.... It's unbelievable to see how glasses can change a face!

Here is my second pair, bought at the Rockabilly Rave in England in 2009.

I love this pink color, they can match so many outfits!!!
Vintage 50's glasses are often really narrow and I have quite a large face so it's hard to find something that can fit perfectly.

I also wanted to show you in this busy post my lucite bracelet with blue shells!!! When a lot of vintage lovers are crazy about bakelite, I think that lucite is really as nice and for a cheaper price... I can not believe that people can buy a bakelite bangle for more than $200!!!

And here is my last pair of prescription glasses! They really have a crazy design!!!!

The brand written inside branches is RAY BAN, I don't know if it's the true RAY BAN that we know now.

The design is so crazy that I don't wear them so often...
I also have plenty of other sunglasses but not prescription ones from the 30's to the 50's.

My husband don't need prescription lenses, it's a pity for him because he would really like to wear some 40's or 50's glasses.

But he has a great collection of vintage sunglasses!!!

If you are wearing prescrition lenses and wear vintage clothes you HAVE to wear vintage glasses, it's so much fun to see people reaction when they notice your cat eyes glasses!!!!

Do you need prescription lenses ?
Do you wear or want to wear vintage glasses ?


  1. whaouuu how awsome do they look!!! I love cats' eyes glasses, I wish I had some vintage ones but I just don't know where to look for them! I had some repros but they just have been stolen into the underground, just can't believe it! Anyway, I also wanted to tell you that I really agree with you concerning bakelite, I definitely prefer lucite!

    1. You can find a lot NOS frame on Ebay or Etsy but it's hard to find the good size, color, shape...

  2. Hi there! I LOVE all of your glasses! Here is my post that I made about my glasses a while back: since then I have collected more pairs of sunglasses from the 20's, 40's and 50s.

  3. All of your glasses are awesome! Right now, I just have one pair of vintage frames. I'd love to get more but like you said you can't try them on. I'd hate yo get a pair that I love but didn't fit.

  4. I love cat eye glasses and have quite a few of them.....even tho I do not need glasses yet!!

  5. Lovely - I can remember my grandmother wearing cats eye glasses, pink I think, I will have to dig out some photos. I have a repro sunglass pair in black, a bit like yours - they are such fun to wear.

  6. I love all your pairs!! So gorgeous! I wear contact lenses most of the time, but I'm on the lookout for the perfect pair of vintage '50s cat's eyes myself :)

  7. Ugh, I've been trying to convince my husband that I need a pair of cat eye glasses but no luck yet. Yours are so lovely! :)

    1. No need to convince him buy them, wear them, he will be able to see how lovely you will look!!! You can try to begin with sunglasses...

  8. Wow, your glasses collection is amazing! I think your face was made for cat eyes. I just bought my first pair of prescription frames a few months ago and love them. I can't wait to buy a second pair. The details on your skirt are gorgeous!!

  9. Bonjour. Belle collection ! Petite question, faut-il aller chez un opticien spécialisé pour faire changer les verres ou pas du tout ?

  10. Non pas du tout, il faut juste trouver un opticien qui est sympa et motivé par de telles montures qui sont souvent plus difficiles à monter car fragile, souvent légèrement dissymétrique car faite à la main. Il m'a expliqué qu'ils doivent utiliser les verres les plus grands actuels car avant les verres étaient plats mais maintenant bombés...
    Mon opticien c'est Alain Afflelou, c'est pour te dire que tu peux trouver n'importe où!

  11. Ah en effet. Merci beaucoup ! Et merci pour ton blog qui est très intéressant.

  12. I think these glasses are no effected i am so impressed from these posses.
    Thanks for sharing....

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  13. I have a pair of the ones that were made in France, I absolutely love them, they are missing a few of the tiny gold gems but still in great shape