Wednesday, July 31, 2013

DAISIES for summer...

We spent a day in Strasbourg last week.

That was a really hot summer day...

A time to go out with one of my few sleeve less dresses.

Have I ever mentionned that I don't like sleeves less outfits?

I have a complex with my arms... too chubby I think...

But this dress is comfy for hot weather, could look better with a small petticoat but it was darm too hot for wearing one!

That's always a pleasure to come back to the city where Sylvain and I met many years ago...

This era when we were just students seems to be so far and so close at the same time...

it's like if we still live there nothing change in this wonderful city...

But we left it 8 years ago due to a job opportunity...
We sometimes have some regrets about that students' life...
A Must Have for summer is...

 a GORGEOUS new hat!!!

I bought this one on EBay and it's now one of my favorite!!!
Look at those delicate daisies...
and the detail that killed me... small raindrops made of rhinestones!!!!!!!!!!!

One more time this 50's coton dress is quite simple...
 but with those accessories...
 a lot of people thought I was going to attend a wedding!

And my handsome husband....

he was wearing a replica of a 50's hawaiian shirt.
I think that this yellow color suits him perfectly!
Finding nice hawaiian shirts is quite difficult... the difference between bad taste ones and gorgeous crazy ones is thin....

 He bought this silk one during a trip to Hawaii a few years ago... The brand is AVANTI, you must visit their shop if you go to Honolulu! But sizes for women were really small despite a gorgeous collection I didn't find something that fitted my bust...

 Do you have good memories of your life as student?
What are your favorite outfits for hot summer days?



  1. Your ensemble is amazing!! Love the print on the dress and oh my, that hat is just perfect!

    We've had really hot weather recently and I've resorted to wearing playsuits. I was a bit wary of wearing some of my vintage dresses for fear of melting in them! It has cooled down a bit now in England, so 1950s summer dresses will be the order of the day!

  2. LOVE your hat! So fabulous! I'm getting to graduate from college and I'm already feeling nostalgic about the student lifestyle. *sigh*

  3. You two are such a stylish couple. While I find it easy to find gorgeous vintage for myself and my daughter, I struggle finding things for my husband and sons. Does your husband have any suggestions for building a vintage wardrobe for guys? I would love to see a post from him in the future.
    XOX, Hannah

    1. I will ask Sylvain if he wants to make a post about men's vintage fashion! Good idea!!!

  4. I am dying over your head gear in this post! The hat is gorgeous and I also love the pearl embellished bun net; it's so stylish and pretty.

  5. What a lovely outfit and hat! You always find such great amazing quality dresses to wear. It is difficult to buy authentic 50's cotton dresses as a lot of them have seemed to loose their "crispness" from wear and also it is difficult to pay over $100 for a dress and not be able to return it, if you don't like it. It seems cotton 50's summer dresses are quite expensive these days. I'm really going to have to start making more of my own.

  6. As always I am jealous of your wonderful location! As for sleeveless dresses, I wear them all the time now I am in the tropics - I had an arm worry too, even when I was thin, but now i don't worry. I even wear thongs (flip-flops) that display my ugly feet! Anyway, your arms look great.
    I was a student in Melbourne, and I do miss the galleries and great buildings, and the endless chats about design over coffee and toasted cheese sandwiches with the girls.

  7. But you have completely normal arms, dear! You look lovely - as always! And so does Sylvain. :)

  8. Your whole outfit is so immensely beautiful. I adore the pearl snood (may I ask, where did you get it? I would love to find one just like it!), delightful summer hat, and that jewel toned floral print.

    Fear not, sweet gal, your arms look great. I strongly dislike my own upper arms, too, but if they looked half as good as yours, I'd probably have no qualms with them.

    Please tell your honey that I adore his pink belt - it's so unexpected, fun and stylish!

    ♥ Jessica

    1. Jessica, I have had this snood for so many years that I cannot remember where I bought it.... sorry....

  9. j'ai vu une de tes photos sur FB, et là j'ai fait "mais mais mais je connais ce pont !" Eh oui, vous étiez à Strasbourg, ma ville d'origine !
    J'espère que vous avez bien profité !
    En tous cas vous êtes magnifiques, comme toujours...j'adore ton bracelet assorti à cet étonnant chapeau. Et Sylvain, quelle chemise ! Waouh !
    A bientôt ;-)

  10. Your outfit is perfect! And i LOVE the hat - amazing!

    Pia Storm,

  11. Dear,
    I love your hat! Daisies are such an elegant addition to already gorgeous accessory.


  12. I absolutely love this outfit on you! The dress is perfect for summer and THE HAT!!!!!! What can I even say about the hat that we don't already know? It's PERFECT!!!!! Topped off with the Miss L Fire's, this is a winning outfit (and your arms look fine!)!!!

  13. Cette robe est sublime, les couleurs sont parfaites =)

    ça fait un moment que je vous suis sur le blog mais je n'ai pas l'habitude de laisser des commentaires...
    Jusqu'à ce que je vous vois dans le républicain cette semaine.. Je me suis dit qu'il était temps ^^

  14. wow - that hat is beyond words! thank you for sharing that romantic story and walk in the French sun... xxx

  15. Oh my, where do I start? Stunning! Simply stunning! The most perfect location, with the most perfect outfit! That hat!! Lovely! And you look so very beautiful in that dress!
    I always make my husband look at your husband's amazing ensembles.. if only my honey would dress like that! Wow!
    ~xoxo, CoriLynn

  16. A really gorgeous outfit, I love your new hat, it is stunning. Isn't it a shame that so many of us have issues with our upper arms. Yours look perfectly fine though, honestly!

  17. this dress looks amazing on you. it's truly the perfect piece for hot summer days.

    i do have memories of that time being a student. in this time i was still living in my home town, working in a cultural/music/cafe club, found love, lost love, spent most of my time at the university ... and i was so busy with my studies that i never started wearing 50s clothes on this time even i wanted to so much. i thought the dresses are too precious to get worn by a set design student (that messes up her clothes all the time while working with glue, saws, colours ...).

  18. Beautiful dress and it looks lovely on you!
    But that hat completely steals the show, I've never seen one even remotely like it.
    xx Shauna
    I'm not a fan of sleeveless unless it's very hot either- it's a shame that so many fabulous dresses are sleeveless.