Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Vintage NOVELTY prints

It's becoming harder and harder to write a post lately....

I have a lot of pictures from more than 1 month ago that I want to share....

 it's really hard to find motivation... I feel quite guilty.
I think I really need vacation because of busy job and week-ends, I feel so tired...

Hot summer is here with no rain since almost 1 month!
That's even more tiring....
I'm not a fan of this kind of heat waves....
Wearing vintage with such hot weather can be not so comfortable...
But we can finally enjoy a bit more our garden.

So here is my outfit for this hot day....
One word: NOVELTY....
I wore this chicken skirt for the first time on Easter  at VLV 2 years ago.
That's a french 40's skirt and was in poor condition when I found it but I could not let go go such a pattern!!!!
I love vintage novelty patterns but they are so hard to find and often expensive!
I chose to wear another novelty print in my outfit.
I'm fully in love with this romantic 50's blouse!!!
These 50's cateyes sun glasses come from a german flea market.
But what kind of shoes to wear with such busy fabrics???
My last purchase from french Sales of course!!!!

Another Miss L Fire design, so cute with strawberries!!!!

I can tell that I'm really a Miss L Fire's addict....
Here is my collection... I must be crazy...
They have just openned a shop in Hollywood,
I really want to go next year!!! 

 I really love gardening and I like all that flowers in our backyard.
I also like to wear flowers in my hair when I don't have a hat.
I never go out without anything in my hair... otherwise, I would feel like naked... 

It's always more difficult for me to speak about my husband's outfits.
There are less accessories to show for men...

Belt, Watch, sun glasses, shoes, that's all!

White 30's style shoes from Remix....

Shirt and pants vintage from the 50's made a guy handsome!!!

Do you like vintage novelty fabrics?
Will you be soon on vacation? Where will you go?


  1. Very pretty. All the prints play well together. I LOVE novelty prints I think most if not all of my skirts are novelty prints. I really need to get some basic colors to go with the awesome novelty print blouses I want to make.

  2. Such a cute outfit! I love the skirt--so glad you were able to save it! I adore novelty prints as well; perhaps one of my favorite pieces is a skirt that features a print commemorating V-E Day

    And I too am a bit of a Miss L Fire addict :-)

  3. J'adore l'imprimé de la jupe !
    Fan de ce genre d'imprimés, malheureusement ils sont de plus en plus inaccessibles pour ma bourse....$$$$$

  4. Lovely as always! I love that you doubled up on the novelty print, they look great together! (Such a sucker for a novelty print, eek!) They are getting so expensive online, but that makes the hunt for the thrifty score all the more rewarding!

    Don't feel guilty about being a bit absent, I think everyone who blogs feels like this here & there. No matter when, or how delayed, people are just happy when you have a chance to share! Good luck in the heat... don't melt;)

    xo Sara

  5. Delightful summertime snaps. I love that you blended two vintage novelty prints in the same ensemble. I've mixed patterns (say, polka dots and gingham, or florals and plaid) in the same outfit before, but I don't believe I've tried to cute novelty prints like this. It really works here and is totally inspiring for vintage fashion wearers everywhere.

    Wishing you a relaxing, hopefully much cooler second half of the summer.

    ♥ Jessica

  6. Adorable outfit! I am so envious of your Miss L Fire collection! I am heading to their Hollywood boutique on a trip this Friday so I can finally buy a pair, or two!

  7. I love the novelty prints. We just went on vacation to the mountains. It is very hot and humid here and this year non-stop rain, but the mountains were cooler and refreshing.

  8. Hey,
    amazing pictures! :)


  9. Oooh those shoes! Absolutely love them! Novelty prints are great :)

  10. Bold choice with the double novelty prints, it turned out so cute! I love novelty prints too, the more absurd, the better!

  11. The bag.. that bag.. oh, and the cherries. LOVE it.
    I share your hardship on account of heat. Some days it is so hard to "get up and go to work", when all your senses tell you "enjoy the sun" - it'll be much easier to jump in a play-suit and spend a day with a cocktail.
    I crave for vacation, but I'm not having one.. not this year. So, I'm splashing my feet in a bucket of water. :D

    Great photos!
    Amazing post


  12. I really like your blouse, its so cute! And the way your shoes match your skirt is brilliant. Don't worry about not blogging, sometimes it needs to be put away so you can come back to it with more interest.

  13. you're always one step ahead