Sunday, July 7, 2013


I'm not dead.... I was just too busy and tired to find time to blog!

Our friends and us organized a big event last week-end: vintage cars, retro style vendors, rockabilly concerts... A little VLV like one of my follower said! That was a big success despite an awfull weather... I'm trying to prepare a post about it for next week! Stay tuned!!!
So we are back to our normal life....
and normal life means for us ... flea markets of course!
It's even better under the sun!!!

So to celebrate the finally coming summer, I inaugurated a brand new 50's dress!!!
I love NOS vintage clothes, tags are always gorgeous. 

This dress is labelled "Fruits of the Loom".
Can you believe it was just a house dress???

A little tip...
when your curls are not at the top or when it's hot, wear a vintage nylon net... I love this one with beads.

Handsome husband in black, gray and white...
With the first 50's 2 tones shirt he has ever bought!
We really love details in vintage outfits....

Look for example at the handles of this MIDAS purse...
 harlequin pattern!

Can you see the woven fabric of this dress?
That was so good to finally enjoy the sun...

We feel like we went from winter to summer with no spring...

I cannot believe that I have only wear my new Miss L Fire wedges once...

and it's already SALES in France so I bought 2 new pairs with 50% off, sun must stay with us for me to have a chance to wear all of them!!!! 
So we went to 2 huge flea markets this week-end!
and when weather is good, flea markets are the best! 

 So you are dying to see what we found, aren't you?

 So we bought A LOT!!!!

6 umbrellas (!!!), two 50's hat, a  40's fur cape....

a funny phones toy, a vintage boat Dashboard, many records...

an atomic NOS picture frame, a gorgeous paint of a "parisienne" (the french pin-up)...

a lovely 50's box and many vintage costume jewels (brooches, earrings, necklaces, bracelets)...
some 40's-50's scarves, a carved bakelite bangle and much more!!!
Did you miss us?
What did you do this week-end?


  1. Wow love the shoes - they are amazing!

  2. ZOWEE!!! You guys found some awesome stuff! I love the painting and the picture frame.

  3. What an AMAZING haul! Loving all of the umbrellas and that fabulous 50s dress :)

  4. Love this dress! Plus what lovely finds! I need to go to some more flea markets this summer.

  5. oh you two look lovely :) glad that you have great flea markets in Europe...Piggy my little white doggy and I enjoy one in Oklahoma that is inside...which is great when it's 100degrees outside... :) Love your blog!

  6. Your purse is so sweet looking. I really like butterflies.

  7. Your dress is absolutely gorgeous, I love blue roses on fabric (and on china). Your flea market finds are great, I like the picture frame and the bangle.

  8. This has got to be one of my favourite outfits for you ma belle! La robe est parfait! Both of you look fantastic x

  9. Ohhhh, I love your dress!!! Great finds!!

  10. wow!! fabulous post, stunning outfits for both of you as always

  11. Aarrggghhh!! I am LOVING your dress! So beautiful! Totally loving your look!

  12. Wonderfully lovely dress! I've always wanted a classic Fruit of the Loom day dress, too. The brand still exists to this day, but they pretty much just make undergarments and socks - long gone are the days of vibrant, durable cotton frocks like this beauty.

    My goodness, what an utterly incredibly vintage haul you two found! I love (!) everything, but am especially smitten with the six umbrellas (wow!!!) and bevy of jewelry. Congrats on all your awesome new items!

    ♥ Jessica

  13. You and your husband look absolutely fantastic!! You always inspire me with your fabulous fashion sense, and I love each and every outfit you wear!
    I am drooling over your flea market haul!! And over those Miss L Fire's!! They are not as easy to find in the States, but now that the new Hollywood store is opening, I sense a trip in my future! ;) And since Hollywood is so near Disneyland, I'll just HAVE to stop off there! Ha!
    ~xoxo, CoriLynn

  14. Love your dress! Even simple housedresses look so much more elegant than todays casual clothes :-)
    The atomic frame is gorgeous, I´m sure you´ll have a matching photo for it :-)

  15. LOVE your dress!!! And moonglow bracelets are my fave! You should def wear more blue-it suits you very well :) xox

  16. That dress is amazing Laurence!!!! Love the hair net tip as well, especially since this is the season for humidity and frizz!!!

    Can't wait for your next post!

  17. yeah, i missed your posts! ... it's good to hear, that you're back to normal business after the stressful days. your totally hit the nail. awesome!!!!!
    your dress is fabulous. great colours!

    thank you so much for your lovely wishes. hopefully summer stays for a while. :)

  18. I love the picture frame! great find!

  19. You look lovely in that dress. I envy you all your flea market treasures. :)

  20. It's the first time I have the pleasure of looking at your blog. You are a real inspiration ~ love your fashion sense, vintage lifestyle. Your passion has ruled. Thanks for sharing.