Monday, March 17, 2014

CHERRIES on BLUE sweater....

Sun comes and disappears...

Sometimes warm, sometimes chilly...

Winter or spring? 

Spring or winter????

So I choose to create a winter outfit with a spring flair...

With 4 items  found recently, that I was dying to wear...

First, this lovely vintage red belt found in a flea market...

and this so well made hand knitted vintage sweater bought the same day (here).

My 50's blouse was found last week in Reims, this kind of basic is a must have in any wardrobe!

And finally a new vintage style lucite set from Luxulite.

I have always liked what this english lady makes, but her creations sell really fast!

So I was lucky enough to be the first on this set, gorgeous, isn't it?

Being my photograph can be really risky....

Sylvain had a small ... accident with ravens....


We laughed so much!!!

So to speak more about my outfit...

Baby blue wool sweater to be warm...

and a cute flower skirt to call spring!

I have already present it in a post here...

but you can see that you can create a different look...

With just some other accessories...

So if you have some nice basics and a few stunning pieces,

you can create a lot of different outfits!

Same rules for guys!

This 40's sweater is really stunning!

This kind of pullover are now so hard to find...

Match it with basic saddle shoes

and classic hight waist pants...

and you will have a hansome husband!!!

Do you have tips to create a perfect outfit ?
Did you have any Luxulite designs ?


  1. Love these pictures. You both are so wonderfully dressed. I just love your circle skirt and if I saw one like this, I'd swipe it up in a heart beat. It seems novelty 50s skirts are the in thing right now as they are pricey and very difficult to find. Also, just love your pin. I've been looking for a cherry bakelite pin but haven't quite bought one yet. I saw one at our local vintage show recently and it was marvelous.

  2. Sylvain looks almost as fabulous as you do in these pictures. What a lovely early spring day for taking photos.

  3. Absolutely LOVE Luxulite! I have bought quite a few things from her. I really like the set you have pictured here. Green is my favorite. And you are right, her items go super fast! If you see something, you better buy it immediately or it will be gone before you know it!

  4. omg... you both are my dream couple. So amazing and wonderful!

    xoxo Perlchen Noir

  5. I love Luxulite too! I've got two of her necklaces and I'm looking to get more! Sylvain's sweater is really great too and it is so hard to find men's vintage knitwear in a good condition.

  6. How I love your winter outfit with a spring flair! So lovely, and I truly envy your sunglasse ... and your handsome husband! ;) I wish my husband would dress vintage too, but he's not into it. He dresses "timeless" so he is OK, but Sylvain's sweater is gorgeous. Give him a hug from Denmark. :)

  7. You both just look fantastic! I love your new Luxulite! I have the same problem of her selling out too quickly, but I'll keep trying! Enjoy the bits of sun!
    ~xoxo, CoriLynn

  8. lovely outfits, especially your skirt and Sylvains sweater! xxx

  9. You look great! Both of your outfits are always so colorful and fun. I really enjoy reading your posts. :) That cherry pin is really cute too. I'm going to check out Luxulite today.

    Emily's Vintage Visions

  10. You both look marvelous! I love the color schemes on both of the outfits!

    I adore Luxulite! I have her matchstick necklace.


  11. We're dealing with that same kind of belly flopping between seasons here at the moment, too. It's winter one day, spring the next, then back to winter and so on. I too have been reaching for sweaters (and blazers) and full skirts a lot lately to help try and be prepared for whatever Mother Nature has up her sleeve.

    Love both of your fabulous, vibrant ensembles and that you were able to get out and shoot on a sunny day. Those have been eluding me big time lately (this weekend was windy and rainy for the most part, so I didn't get in a shoot for this week - hopefully on the next one I'll be able to).

    ♥ Jessica

  12. Don't you both look wonderful! It's glorious weather here in the UK, nothing like March at all.

  13. lovely outfit. the skirt is really beautiful and i love the knit cardi ... i would love to find a cardi like this in my size one day ....

  14. I can't decide which outfit I love most. You both have on lovely sweaters and I'm happy Sylvain's didn't get pooped on...LOL. I think everyone has their own style of what they want to wear, but I will try to answer your question on how I try to create my own outfit. A lot of factors go into my decision making..what is the weather like? Where am I going? Who am I going to be with? What am I going to be doing? If there are activities involved I want to make sure what I'm wearing is comfortable, especially the shoes! There is usually one item in my outfit I want to accentuate, so I will wear clothing, accessories, and jewelry to highlight that one piece. Lately, it's been hats and Laurance you are a big influence on me. In the last 2 month I've purchased 18 hats and Laurance the one I purchased from you is Gorgous! (Red hat with feather) My hats dictate what I'm going to wear. I recently wore a mossy green woven, floral with netting hat and I coupled with a 1950's cotton beige shirtwaist dress, Renoir copper jewelry (my set has a leaf design), Margaret Smith floral green handbag and wedges. I hope my tips were helpful.

  15. You look beautiful as always and those sunglasses are AMAZING!!


    Pia Storm,

  16. I recently found your blog and would like to say that I think you have some lovely vintage clothing and accessories. I would love a collection like yours. Your pictures are beautiful.
    Hayley x

  17. I am so so in love with this outfit!! And your husbands jumper WOWWW!!!
    Trish xx

  18. So beautiful! We are having similar weather here, too. I love your outfit, and your husband always looks so dapper!

  19. Sometimes I don't even know what to say on your posts. No words can do your aesthetic & eye for detail justice. Perfection, all around.