Thursday, March 13, 2014

Sun, blue sky and vintage cars!!!!

Weather has been really AMAZING for last few days...

10 days with only blue sky, quite unusual...
is winter really ended?

So we enjoyed this unexpected weather last week-end at Reims.

As every year we went to the first vintage cars event in North East of France.

We had so much fun with friends that we forgot to take pictures... just a few to share...

We both wore red!

I didn't even picture my dress...

But with just a few photos, you can have an idea of our looks on that day.

Just one detail of my earrings!

Crazy bakelite little guys found NOS in Paris for Xmas.

Sylvain and I found also some new vintage treasures.

I bought that HUGE 40s purple hat and you cannot see the other side.... GORGEOUS! I LOVE huge hats!

So many nice vintage cars!!!

We drove to there with Sylvain's '58 Lincoln...

We finished the day at our friends' home in a cosy 30's atmosphere!

Are you also in Europe to be able to enjoy this crazy weather?
What special events did you go to lately?


  1. So much fun, so glad the weather has gotten warmer for you. It keeps going up then down here. Cold today. Very lovely outfit and I just love the big hat you bought. I bet it was just such a fund day, you always know how to accessorize just right! You should write a book:)

  2. Oh, this hat is so lovely.

    xoxo Perlchen Noir

  3. It's so nice to have good weather again!

    I love your bakelite earrings, they're such fun.

  4. Looks like a lovely day out, that purple hat is incredible.

  5. can´t wait to see that new hat from all sides! you are the queen of accessorize! xxx

  6. We had an unusually warm last few weeks in Finland as well, but now it's getting colder again and we might even get some snow again next week. Fortunately I'm travelling to Venice where it's supposed to be warmer :)

    I love your outfit as always!

  7. What lovely sunshine - just what was needed to show the cars at their best. Beautiful outfits too.

  8. That hat is a millinery dream! I adore wide brimmed ones as well - the wider the better! What gloriously lovely weather to great you for your first trip there this year. I hope that it keeps up for you guys the whole warm season on.

    Love your fabulous, chic and very stylish red and black ensemble, sweet lady!

    Big hugs & oodles of happy weekend wishes,
    ♥ Jessica

  9. That Lincoln...Gorgeous car!!! Happy to know we are not the only ones having fabulous weather :) Farewell winter!

  10. I love big hats! I only wish I had more opportunities to wear one. I also love vintage cars. My dad has four show cars with his latest being a fully restored red '51 Ford.
    Our weather been a bit bouncy here in Tennessee, one day it's warm and sunny and the next we wake up to a sprinkling if snow. Looks lovely where you are though.

  11. yeah, we totally enjoyed the great weather ... but since yesterday it's gone. it's dark, cloudy and quite chilly again.

    congrats on finding this wonderful hat! can't wait to see the other side one day. ;)