Monday, March 3, 2014


So we are now waiting for spring...

and how to know if winter is soon over?

Winter finishes when flea markets start again after a sleepy season!

We went to some nice ones last week!

It feels good to be able to hunt again for beautiful vintage treasures...

even if it's still a bit cold outside!

These pictures were shot in Belgium.

These amazing stairs have just been restored.

That was last sunday's morning...

a real winter feeling!

But on the same day's afternoon, it was already spring!!!

So I was able to show you what was under my coat and furs!

Did you notice my new boots from Miss L Fire?

They fit perfectly my skirt's pockets!

I love this sweater because I gave it a second "life"...

It was quite plain and large when I bought it...

but I loved its color and unusual shape so I gave it a try!

I added a few vintage buttons in an asymetrical way...

and an elastic at waist to give a more flattering look ....

My cute poodle was really cosy pined there!

That was definitively a good hair day!!!

We enjoyed a walk in park after flea market...

Our car trunk already full of goodies!

Here is Sylvain's look on that day.

This amazingly bright sweater just called for spring!

Sylvain had fun doing some sport...

always like a kid...

But you want certainly see what we found!

40's hats, 40's sweater, 50's grey mink stole, 30's shoes, vintage jewels (earrings, brooches, watches), 50's ELLE magazines, vintage scarves, 50's red belt, atomic tables, 50's scale, 50's lucite display, cute vintage boxes....

Did you go to flea markets recently?
Are you feeling that spring is just around the corner?


  1. I can't wait to visit my first flea market this year, sometimes you can find so much. They are like magical islands and everything you find are hidden treasures.
    I went to Amsteram this weekend and I found some nice stuff in vintage stores but that isn't the same... I hope you enjoyed the sun and your first fleamarket!

    xoxo Emma

  2. Wow, what an amazing haul! And, as always, you both look

  3. Wow! What a stunning blue on you! I love both of the outfits!

    And what delightful finds!

    Where I live there aren't too many real flea markets, there are a few tiny ones or rummage sales here and there, but never more than 25-50 dealers. We do have a large antique show though three times a year.


  4. Omg...this hausl is awesome.

    And I love your shoes

    xoxo Perlchen Noir

  5. You both look stunning as always.
    where did these fleamarked took place?

  6. What a lot of fabulous treasures! 50's grey mink stole - you lucky gal! :)

  7. I don´t know what to admire first: the 50´s display, your hat, the poodle brooch, Sylvians acting... let´s have a great fleamarket year, this year! xxx

  8. Cool , j'adore voir les trouvailles d'autres chineurs ! Mimi les tables haricots !

  9. So many amazing finds!!! I am lucky enough to have a huge, monthly flea market where I live in Alameda, California. I have skipped the last couple due to the weather so I sure hope spring will be in full swing soon!

  10. I love what you did with the sweater, such talent! I can't wait to go to our Antique swapmeet, it's every 3rd Sunday and since they're 5 weekends in March there is a bonus/extra one at the end of the month. I will be looking for vintage hats. Hats are my new accessory for 2014, and Laurence you've been my biggest inspiration for that. You posted a wonderful blog on hats in January 2012 (Hats from Paris) and it's still one of my favorites. I look at the wonderful pics and dream. Of course your collection is amazing! I would love it, if you could do a story displaying more of your collection. Perhaps Sylvain can do one too, of his favorite men's accessory. Just a thought. Merci

  11. Oh-la-la! Not only did I notice your new Miss L Fire boots, but I swooned over them big time! The gold detailing is really fantastic and helps them standout in the best kind of way a mile away.

    I hope you two have a magnificent, treasure filled flea market season!

    ♥ Jessica

  12. ... isn't this midcentury haul a great start into the new flea market season?! french flea markets must be much better than geman ones. wow! good look for the upcoming markets!

  13. Such lovely spring like photos :)

  14. Waaah, Sylvain's sweater is so vivid, I'm obsessed! Love love with you did with the blue sweater, the buttons & the waistline really makes all the difference! A bit envious of your flea market finds, what a haul!

    xo Sara

  15. such wonderful outfits

    retro rover

  16. Je vous trouve magnifiques
    un bonjour de la Corse